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I seem to remember that contrary to the story above, John Major was the first to refuse to nominate a former Chancellor for a peerage when he refused the honour to Norman Lamont in 1997.

I'm sure treacherous snake Osborne will get into the Lords on a Labour nomination at some point in the future. But in the meantime we should be doing NOTHING to furthur stuff the already over represented Remoaner benches in the House of Lords at least until Brexit is achieved.

Theresa May is quite right to block Osborne. He has shown no loyalty to us so why should we show any to him?

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Its time to end this sharade. Stop pandering to Sinn Fein IRA and just announce direct rule.
Have some backbone!!

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Yay, then we can have even MORE of the sort of overpromoted, talentless women MPs who only really get on in modern politics because we have lowered our standards in the name of getting a woman-ANY woman-it doesn't matter who it is, just get one in.

And I'm sure we can all name some. All together now:
Anna Soubry, Nicky Morgan, Heidi Alexander, Claire Perry, Sarah Wollaston.
Perhaps if she gets her way we will be adding Catherine Anderson to the ever growing list.

Lets face it, discrimination (let's call a spade a spade) is the ONLY way that people like them get anywhere.

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So we're not going to release accurate membership figures because it is embarrassing and inconvenient for people to know how badly the party is doing in attracting members...

And we are going to suspend from the party anybody who insults rival candidates. Which is really setting us up for a major fall because the moment we refuse to suspend somebody who a rival candidate complains about after they make a minor, innocuous remark then the whole system that Brandon Lewis is creating is going to collapse into disrepute.
And if we enforce it seriously, either we will be walked all over by rival candidates who will have absolutely NO REGARD for avoiding personal abuse (we are dealing with Momentum, in case you have forgotten!)...
Or else ALL of our candidates will be suspended and our party membership will plummet yet further!!!

I fear that CCHQ hasn't thought any of this through at all. It is going to win the party absolutely NO respect amongst the public, the media or our opponents but it will cause us massive headaches in the years to come.
Its like whenever a new party leader is elected and they make the usual noises about making PMQ's less partisan and more inclusive. It lasts for about a week, but the media never stop throwing it back at you for years and years.

So good luck with that Brandon! Not a very good start to your chairmanship!

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The county council seat was last fought in 2017 which was pretty much one of Labour's worst set of local election results in opposition for a good many years.
And the district council result for the same area was last fought on the same day as the general election in 2015 when the Conservative vote would have been inflated by general election turnout.

I am not saying that you are necessarily wrong in what you say, but a big swing from Tory to Labour was all but inevitable in both of these results anyway and may not actually show any general trend in the area. We will need to wait for more evidence before making any conclusions.

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Nick's defeat in Enfield North is absolutely nothing to do with him or how well he performed as a candidate or an MP. His defeat is entirely down to the fact that London is probably the most rabidly, militant and unreasonably uncompromising anti-Brexit region anywhere in Britain!
Coupled with the fact that London has now long been in the iron grip of a ultra left wing liberal and metropolitan elite that are entirely out of touch with the rest of the country.

Put simply, the values of London are so entirely different from anywhere else in the country that it makes them increasingly irrelevant both electorally and demographically. The only thing that matters when it comes to London is the economic powerhouse that it provides to the nation.
But then, if we can successfully even out the UK economy by boosting northern and midlands cities at the expense of London, even that will disappear over time.

Indeed, you could argue that the importance of London within the UK has already begun to decline and is inevitably going to pass into history. Londoners just aren't that important anymore.

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Congratulations. A long rambling article that somehow failed entirely to mention the non appointment of Jacob Rees Mogg.
So even Conservative Home is now conspiring to ignore the elephant in the room.
Once again, nobody wants to listen to the grassroots.

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There is still a chance he could get in later on. The post of Deputy Leader of the House of Commons has been left vacant, and that would be the perfect junior ministerial post for him to start off and see how he gets on.

Its funny isn't it that there are those on here-perhaps you are one-who would be delighted to see the utterly vile and treacherous Dominic Grieve appointed back to the government. And those who argue that to do so would be a good way to buy his silence and support on Brexit. And yet they are not so eager to see Rees-Mogg appointed, who as far as I can see has been nothing but utterly loyal to the Prime Minister from the backbenches.

Perhaps the mistake Mr Mogg is making is that he isn't being troublesome enough???

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Absolutely. I think he is being kept out because she knows he will be an outstanding minister and might make others look bad. David Cameron made most of his appointments on the basis that if he surrounded himself with dross it would make himself look better. A shame Theresa May is following the same playbook.

What is particularly sad about it for me is that the post of Deputy Leader of the House of Commons has been left vacant!!! Its the perfect junior ministerial job for Jacob Rees-Mogg with his vast knowledge and respect for all things Parliament.

So perhaps there is still a chance he could be appointed later on. Lets begin the popular campaign for his appointment here and now!!!

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No. Its a symptom of what is wrong.
Its an ivory tower mentality of people not listening or not caring what ordinary people think.

The reshuffle has been pointless. Absolutely pointless. And it betrays yet again the contempt for which our leaders hold the grassroots.

But we never hear that said when Conservative Home run their periodic handwashing aryicles about how we re-motivate the grassroots!

No real change. Just a new spin.

And I notice too that we hear talk of senior rebel Remoaners like Grieve being considered for office again. And people like the dire Claire Perry being taken seriously. And senior Osbornites being promoted.
Seems to me this is very much a REMAIN reshuffle in more ways than one!