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You don't believe in democratic mandate either do you Lord Hailsham.

And yet Theresa May INSISTS on packing the Lords with his Remoaner ilk at every opportunity and then wonders why she can't win the votes!!!

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The moment governments start to believe their own hype about people WANTING tax rises is the moment you know its all over for them.

Election oblivion here we come!

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Hilarious I'm sure.
But on the day that Dominic Grieve and his evil little band (Tories, not Labour!!) have successfully defeated the government in the House of Lords on Brexit...

And on the day Theresa May has announced (Tories, not Labour) unnecessary tax INCREASES to pretend to fund the NHS...

You won't find many of us laughing.

It is our OWN party that is betraying us and making a mess of things, not Labour. Jeremy Corbyn only promises some unspecified disaster at some point in the future!

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He didnt say that and you know it!

Nobody defends it. But the proper processes should be followed to get GOOD law, not a kneejerk law.

It is unworthy of you to willfully misrepresent like that. Its time you played the ball and not the man!

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What is a disgrace is how Morgan enthusiastically launches attacks on Conservative MPs and makes them into a scapegoat just because thry want the proper processes to be followed.

Morgan is one of the very worst MPs in this age of Totem Politics. But when it comes to the big questions she has NOTHING original to say!

Grow up!

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May has said today that taxpayers will have to pay more.

But this is what those in power ALWAYS say isn't it.
They always tell us that they can't find the money they need for essential services based on current tax take.

There are ALWAYS very good excuses for a one off tax increase. RINGFENCING and EARMARKING taxation is thought to be good enough to ease discontent.

But as soon as they want to find money for their pet projects. Politically correct projects that ordinary voters would NEVER sign off upon. Then the money is always there for it.

It is only the essential servives that seem to struggle to find the money. And for that we need tax increases.

It is b*ll**s. Once again socialism and socialist doctrines are shown to be running rampant in this government. And the sad thing is that in the snowflake world no Tory minister seems confidrnt emough to oppose it.
And we only need to look to Chris Chope to see what happens when you stand up for the principle against the prevailing winds of a social media imposed socialist concensus.

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Well Philip Lee (who?) has to say that to justify it to himself.

But the truth is that his resignation achieved nothing whatsoever. He was a non-entity to begin with and he remains so after the resignation. If anything he is now even LESS important because he has lost his voice within the government.

The problem for me is that Theresa May fails to learn her lesson and effectively replaced him with a Philip Lee clone!

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Being unfit for any public office is an essential pre-requisite if you want to be a judge, isn't it??

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At least he has come to his senses about the liklihood of him ever getting back as a Tory MP.

I'm surprised Osborne didn't back your party actually.
You are welcome to him if he ever puts in an application for Lib Dem membership :-)

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The so called "sugar tax" is making absolutely no difference whatsoever. And despite the spin from government and health groups, it was never meant to.
It is about raising money. Pure and simple. The health aspect is just a good excuse for the levy.

Nobody has actually changed their behaviour because of the sugar tax. To be honest I for one haven't noticed it at all. I just notice all the signs in the shops telling me it is there!