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It's clear that the EU are not-and were NEVER-prepared to negotiate freely and fairly in the Brexit process.
They have determined long ago that punishing Britain and sending a message to other countries thinking about leaving was more important that the economic well being of EU citizens.

We should leave with no deal and refuse to pay the EU A SINGLE PENNY when we leave.
Hit them where it hurts and see what happens.
Because clearly the EU are no friends of ours.

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I am pleased that the petition failed. It was always a strong probability that it would. Antrim North is solidly behind the DUP and Paisley would most likely have won re-election anyway if he had been forced to contest a by-election.
But how much public money has this petition wasted?
This is what comes of foisting an unwanted constitutional innovation onto the public.

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If you want a lefty that will be no different whatsoever to Sadiq Khan, then London will have found it's man in Andrew Boff.

The only question in my mind is why he isn't honest with himself and stop masquerading as a Tory.
Surely in the current climate he can get elected in London under his true colours.

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She is a Liberal Democrat through and through. Utterly arrogant. Doesn't trust the people. Iliberal and anti democratic.
I just hope thag one day she is brought to account for the damage that she is doing.

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We have had a perfectly sensible, working ban on ivory for anything made after 1945 for years and years and years. But the government's proposed extension of the regulations to ANYTHING that contains small traces of ivory going back centuries is going to utterly decimate the antiques industry.
It is not going to help save a SINGLE animal, but it is going to lead to the wholesale destruction of antiques in their hundreds of thousands.

When government proposes thoughtless, knee jerk, prejudiced laws like this, I start to wonder whether they are actually fit to govern at all!

But that is 21st Century politics for you: it's not about reasoned argument and evidence it is just about being SEEN to be doing something-anything-to win headlines and please minority interest groups.
It stinks!

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I simply repeat what i said yesterday.
I honestly never knew Penny Mordaunt had such weird beliefs. Up until now I thought she was pretty sound. My respect and confidence in her is falling...

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The real question is:
Is there a nappy tax coming soon...followed by inevitable u turn and backtracking several weeks later following furious social media pressure from the left.

But not before our standing in the polls takes a knock and we reinforce voters impression that we are not fit to govern.
Because that is what has happened at almost every budget we have put forward since 2010 under Osborne and Hammond.

Isn't it time for Chancellor to be SACKED and replaced with someone who has more of a grip on things???

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Well it's a pretty poor choice, that's for sure. And I know we are only choosing who is going to be the runner up in the election anyway, so it doesn't really matter.
But even so, I'd have thought that Penny Mordaunt would have had a little more sense.
My respect for her has taken a knock, I have to admit.

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What a load of psychobabble and claptrap.
As a 36 year old Brexiteer I dont remember this time when the Empire was around.

But then up here in North Staffordshire young people from the area are equally as likely to support Brexit as oppose it.
Students from outside the area may still heabily oppose Brexit but homegrown students are more open minded to the benefits.
But none of us were alive during Empire.

I think you need to re-evaluate and come up with another excuse.

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Davidson was NEVER a serious candidate anyway. She isn't an MP for one thing. She is utterly out of touch with the party membership and the wider UK electorate for another.

And then we had the ridiculous George Freeman making leadership noises the other day. He then had the gall to say "I am no Michael Heseltine", which of course nobody was accusing him of anyway-at best he is Anthony Meyer!

This all shows once again the sheer desperation of the Tory left to try to regain control. But they are out of touch and out of time.Whoever they choose as their standard barer will lose anyway!