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May's deal may be poor. But what REALLY leaves us open to an electoral wipeout worse than 1997 is if we break our contract with the people and FAIL to deliver any form of Brexit at all!!

We can probably explain the poor deal to most voters satisfactorily. We could easily spin it as at least delivering on the Brexit they voted for. Nobody said it was going to be easy.

But if you fail to deliver Brexit then dont expect us to vote Tory ever again in the Midlands. We will be looking elsewhere-perhaps to the Populist right! Is that what you really want????

Think very carefully.

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I'm just going to come out and say what I think on this one:
We should decriminalise prejudice against Muslims.
Indeed, our immigration policy should be to discourage Muslims from moving to Britain at all.

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This does somewhat make clear the problems of election debates in general: namely, who should be included?

I don't think any of us are against a debate betwern Labour and Tory leaders come election time. But minor parties INCLUDING LIBERAL DEMOCRATS must NOT be included.

And idmf they are going to be then as Tories we must say that we will not be involved in it.

The broadcasters have a choice. The ball is in their court. If you insist on involving the minor parties then the entire debate may not happen at all.

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Seems to me this is a stupid article. May v Stuart? They would both be arguing for Brexit surely?
If there is to be any further debate it must be between the two sides surely? Not opposing views from within the same side?

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Another quite good set of results again in a week in which none would be expected to have changed hands.

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I don't understand why it can be so difficult to amend the agreement so that either side can leave unilaterally and default back to a no deal scenario at any time. It seems fair and reasonable to me. It is only the EU's complete unwillingness to negotiate fairly that prevents it.

I still say leave with a No Deal Brexit and let them stew in their own juice!

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It seems to me that the main problem with the deal as it stands is that the back stop is NOT temporary but has the the potential to become permanent thanks to the requirement for mutual agreement for either side to leave.

But it also seems to me that this should be a simple problem to solve. All the EU needs to do is to change the wording so that EITHER side can unilaterally withdraw from the backstop at any time. However in so doing, they then immediately return to a 'No Deal' scenario exactly eh same as if we leave the EU now without a deal in place.

In reality, neither side would probably feel comfortable doing that anyway. But at least the option is there and our Parliament would be sovereign in any future decision to leave the backstop if they wish to do so.

Under those circumstances, surely any Conservative MP could back the deal as a (poor) compromise, knowing that we are not going to get anything better at this stage?

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With the Appointment of the non entity Steve Barclay as Brexit Secretary it is now clear the PM had no big Brexit beasts willing to take the job.

And the appointment of pro 2nd referendum Remoaner Amber Rudd shows that she is now excluding Brexiteers and actively pursuing a 2nd referendum Remain agenda.

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You can leave any treaty any time you want. Parliament is sovereign. We would just revert vack to a No deal WTO rules scenario in that case.

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Well I'm sorry but I think Leavers who have supported her will feel like they have had a bit of a slap in the face with the terrible terrible appointment to the cabinet of Remoaner Amber Rudd.