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...but unfortunately on course probably to lose seats.
This is not a reflection of the local party performance but the inevitable swing of the pendulum against a sitting government.
Dont forget we are 8 years into this government now. Losses at this stage in local elections are inevitable and expected.

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Brandon Lewis gaffaws at the fighures being banded around in the media. But it fails to address the reality that the ONLY reason there is any confusion in the first place is because the party refuses to publish accurate and definitive figures.

It is not the mark of a political party that is confident in its membership recruitment and retention that refuses to publish the figures.

Would Mr Lewis have given us the 124000 figure yesterday if not for this mythical recent upsurge in numbers? Would he have confirmed a membership below 100000?
I think we all know that he wouldn't. And then we would all still be in the dark until CCHQ could massage the figures upwards.

CcHQ proclamations on membership figures even makes the Russian election figures look credible!

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What the people of Gibraltar now know is that 92% of trade between the EU and Gibraltar is actually with the United Kingdom. So the impact on the Gibraltan economy of leaving the EU is going to be utterly minimal to non-existent.

Spain can issue their veiled threats and hope against hope that Gibraltar will become theirs, but it simply is not going to happen.

No referendum on sovereignty. No Spanish influence over the future of the Rock. No compromise.
And that is the end of the matter.

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So when the Remoaners tell us that they are going to try and do exactly what they SAID they were going to do from day 1 of the referendum result-to delay, block, frustrate and generally stop Brexit by any mens they can-we should be reassured that it ISN'T an attempt to stop Brexit from happening? Its is actually just a complete coincidence brought about by unforseen events, which they never expected actually would come about?

Nobody could be more surprised or distressed than the Remoaners at having to go against the democratic will of the people to leave the EU.

You see why people might have some difficulty in believing Mr Benn?

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Labour's problem is the same as always: so determined, so desperate are they to take whatever opposing line they can to whatever the government is saying, that they tie themselves in opportunistic knots trying to justify it.
And yet again, the public don't believe a word they say.

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As we see a lot about the world of football, people whinge but at the end of the day nobody is prepared to countenance direct action such as a boycott of major sporting events.
So nobody takes the whinging seriously and nothing changes. Because when it comes down to it, no football fan or football official wants to do the necessary to be taken seriously.
So why should we care?

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I think its wrong to talk of so called "Labour Moderates" as though they are a different breed from the Momentum hard left Labour. The truth is that whilst before the election "moderates" were telling us Corbyn' s POLICIES were all awful, now that he is doing alright in the polls and could actually feasibly win a general election for Labour, they tell us that the problem was NEVER the policies, but the ramshackle STYLE of Corbyn's leadership.

The fact that Corbyn was so far behind in the polls (which wasn't actually true by the way until around the beginning of 2016 through to 2017) was all they objected to. Now that he looks like an election winner, everything for them is rosy in the Labour garden, it seems.

How are we to take these people seriously when Labour winning power is all they really care about?
The only thing Labour "moderates" want is for them to be able to carry on sitting as MPs. Only if they face deselection by the hard left will they really start kicking up a stink-because then, of course, it will be THEIR jobs under threat.

Opportunists , the lot of them.

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And as I keep saying, it doesn't matter because the Remoaner parties between themselves don't have the majority. It only starts to matter when traitor Tories say that they will vote WITH them to defeat the government on Brexit, because that is the only way our opponents can win the vote.

So we have a choice: we don't want a general election of course. The only people who actually WANT to see Tories lose their seats are people like Anna Soubry and Dominic Grieve. If it will stop Brexit, they are very happy to see Tories lose their seats in a general election.

But IF that general election comes, then there can be no pussy-footing around this time. We have got to have a central office edict that Remoaners who will not support the government over the customs union and over the prospect of a No Deal Brexit will be automatically deselected and will NOT be able to contest their seats as Conservative candidates. That means withdrawing the whip very clearly from every single one of them before the general election.

We then need to ensure that every single candidate on the approved candidates list is pre-vetted to ensure that they say they are opposed to a continuing customs union and that they would vote for a No Deal Brexit if they choice was put to them.
Because there is absolutely no point in electing yet more Conservative MPs who are only going to use their seats to oppose the government's Brexit policy. In fact, I warned exactly the same thing before the 2017 election. If the party had listened then, we would not be in the position that we are in now.

It really is as simple as that. Defeating the government's Brexit policy must not only be a vote of confidence, but it MUST inevitably lead to withdrawel of the whip from every Conservative MP who votes to do so.

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As always, Labour's position on Brexit is entirely opportunistic and self serving. We shouldn't be surprised. It is simply Labour's general approach to their opposition duties snd they have done it for years.
But their opportunism is noted by the public and largely dismissed-which is a big factor in why Miliband lost against the odds in 2015.

The problem is not the Labour Party. The problem is Tory rebels joining with Labour in acts of treachery.
And it is interesting isn't it: the thoroughly reprehensible Anna Soubry does a lot of calling for people who disagree with her yo be expelled from the party, and yet SHE is leading all of the major attempts to defeat, humiliate and oppose this government.

I don't generally use swear words to describe people I don't like. But the only word I can think of that adequately sums up my feelings about Soubry is a five letter word beginning with b.

The sooner she stops threatening to defect and just goes, the better.

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I'd be able to accept a transition period if it were a no deal Brexit, because at least then we know we would have full control and business would be able to adjust.
But a transition period to a Brexit in name only is not acceptable.