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That email... What does fair use mean these days???

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Just don't listen to 40 Winks, I swear that song gave me insomnia last summer...

(not that I mind, such a good song)

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But hey, if you have kids you'd be bad not to something something zulily!

*consumerism works*

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I'm calling it now, that screenshot is taken from a song sequence.

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This is wierd, I just listened to that Taylor swift dubstep song a few minutes ago! The synth after the drop sounds amazing. The PMV was ok, could have matched up with the song better; I'm not really a fan of PMVs in general!

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"Wah! What are we gonna do in the pillow fort ponii-san?"

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Hmmm... Why does it come with a dress hanger? Does the helicopter... wear dresses? I mean it's fine if it does obviously, I've heard lots of people enjoy that kind of thing, but I'm just surprised that Hasbro is so openly supportive of the trans- community.


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There are still people who think that scene wasn't Twilight experiencing Celestia's memories?

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I think I know why, the animation was pretty good because of the high number of keyframes and smooth use of tweening when appropriate ! Hope I answered your question!

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How come I never met any of these awesome people, but got my nose chopped off by "The Worst Thing you Could Possibly Imagine" like 7 times?