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Huh. I should have paid more attention in Latin in high school.

Lupercalia's so much more amazing than that though because it was also sort of their valentine's day. Men would run around in nothing but a wolf skin, smacking any woman in the street with a wooden branch because it drove out evil spirits and promoted fertility. Just imagine a swarm of naked roman youths going around, shouting and smacking people of all ages with sticks. This amuses me for some reason.

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Eld Vernalia...

Eld's easy, Elder.

Vernalia's a bit trickier to pin down. Not due to etymology, though. "Vernal" refers to the Vernal equinox, and the -nalia root brings to mind "Saturnalia," a Roman Winter solstice feast of merriment, gift giving, (and, being the Romans, weird butt stuff) and the precursor of many of the traditions observed around Christmas. What gets me is that this is a holiday naming scheme predating most empires, and one not typically attached to the Spring Solstice from what I can tell. Just how far back do the roots of this messed-up town go?

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Hey, Broodhollow's worth the wait. Make sure the Straubspawn is happy and healthy, handle your kickstarter, and do what you do best.

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Shoulda brought a magazine or something.

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You know, I said something when the stitched man was revealed to us. Something that this is going to make me retract, because it was a foolish assumption.

THIS is the worst surprise party ever.

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Necromatresses: For that sort of nightmare-inducing comfort only human flesh and the screams of the tormented dead can give you.

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"I swear doc, I keep seeing these guys in black suits, and then they take out this silver pen thing, and then... well, I don't know."

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I swear, Mayor Osgood, this is why you should go to the dentist every year.

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So they're breeding people like cattle then.

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I believe this lends credence to my theory that Winston Churchill was actually an alien.