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What are they about, for the uninitiated?

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Omg, the eye-fucking! Get it girl.

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Has anyone ever heard of an evil business and it had an evil business name and you're just like.... if this was fictional, it would be heavy handed. I love these.
Ex: Round-Up (all the independent farmers and put them out of business)
Windows (literally peering into your home)
Cover Girl (cover her, do not let her be seen)

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WHO lives in Vermont, Massachusettes, South Carolina, New Jersey, or Asheville and wants to sing its praises? Who is moving at all??
I'm planning a move because I am kind of over Knoxville and I just wanna hear about places adjacent to (less than 6 hours from) the sea that are good to live. The places I listed were places I visited and loved. Please share, I would love to hear from residents of wonderful towns and cities!

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Project thread! Who has an art or craft or talent they're working on?
I'm still on my Gehyro graphic novel, althopugh the person uploading my images is sick and I have like 6 pages to be posted on the website, so I might just sit down and learn how to do it myself this weekend.
Also I'm still learning asl as per my New Year's resolution, just me and a collection of youtube videos. I don't know anyone deaf but I plan to be prepared when I do!

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Relearning natural emotional reactions to negativity because they have been trained out of you as a child but you still wanna stand up for yourself.

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Aww, so he's Right but not Right For You? Are you worried you won't find someone else as Right, or you feel like you "need" a better reason to break up with someone, other than that you're not happy and he's not physically in your life? Would it help to write down exactly why you're feeling this way about the breakup?
It's a cute dress but it doesn't fit. You can keep trying it on or you can move to the next rack <3