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We used TextConnect to provide the number and then used a Tumbler account on an auto-refreshing page to display the messages. A bit of fiddling required to ensure personal phone numbers didn't appear. If there was widespread interest we'd probably make it a little slicker and easy to integrate.

Two great things about were starting the session by telling people to keep their mobiles on and as the audience started to flag we got a message asking for a pint. A few further requests and we knew it was time to wind it up and get to the bar. How would that go down in Council Circles?

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Imagine a year from now. Mr.Nasty launches a CMS called Wordpress. It's a pile of rubbish full of security holes. Automattic quite rightly go to court to try to stop Mr.Nasty. Mr Nasty's lawyer's argue that there is no trademark attached to Wordpress because everyone uses it. IIRC from my publishing days Mr Nasty would win and continue to ship his software under the Wordpress name.

That's why Hoover protect their name (even though it is thought of and used as a generic), it's why Steliios overprotects Easy. Just because it is an open source project doesn't mean we should be happy with anyone using the name.