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"only if the present holders cooperate"... well this is the one element that the USA-EU-UK made sure does not come to fruition. BRICS dismantling started right after China and Russia announced its formation and execution. Within a matter of three months the Deep State along with the Deeper State of England and the Deepest State of Mossad of Israel went on full speed. Through their MK Ultra's Manchurian Candidate Mr, Shivshanker Menon, Indian Ambassador went working full speed with the CIA-Mossad-MI6 with the total coordination with the Cambridge Analytica, the Black Cube launched their selected tea boy Modi to become the next prime minister of India. Immediately after his election win, he started dismantling BRICS, abandoned the OBOR, and shifted India's traditional pan Asian alliance to the evil alliance with Israel-USA-Britian and the bankrupt EU. China made many mature attempts to tale sense into Modi but too late as he is totally beholden to this masters the evil troika! China's very mature and thoughtful move to gradually increase the value of Yuan is destined to dominate the world as the West if totally bankrupt and not too many countries are left with thousands of tons of god and hundreds of billions of dollars cash to be looted unless the troika start to do the same to the Saudi Arabia, and rest of the rich GCC countries, which is likely to happen as a desperate step that could take place. So China will continue moving forward while the West is sinking deeper into the shithole of the world!

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Israel wanted the entire arid Arab world to buy their agricultural technology and wanted nothing like Col. Ghadafi did by making Libya self suffecient. His dream to make Africa a paradise was a no no to the chosen ones!!!

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How many America Governors, big city mayors, senators, the congressmen and the criminal CEOs go out in public without their bodyguards? Compare this with Col. Ghadafi and Sadam Hussein who both used to walk freely among their people without any bodyguards. This speaks volume how much they were hated by their people despite the whores of American media who spew their garbage pretending to be journalists! Under Col. Muamar Ghadafi, all education up to PhD. in Libya and abroad was free and all expenses were paid by the State. 100% of medical was paid by Libya and during his reign his hospitals were the envy of the criminal Westeren world. Freedom was like we have never witnessed in America since before the murder of JFK by the occupiers of America today. Talk about the progress. Libya was the richest and the most advanced North African country. What the Talmudics did is what they believe in their satanic Talmud for the Goyim!

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Libya's billions include 1098 tons of gold bullion that is now sitting in TelAviv! The same for Iraqi 2800 tons of gold and over 38 billions in cash and not to mention the Talmudic collectors of antiquities, the national treasures etc etc. And the gold from Somalia, afghanistan, Yamen, Vietnam, Laos, Panama, Philippines, Thailand, etc etc etc eetc...

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I meant, Indian Ambassador Mr. Shiveshanker Menon who, immediately after the fake elections of Modi, became his chief national security advisor. But upon people finding out about his traitorous acts, quickly was given a refuge by the CIA through Brookings Institute in DC. So career is secure while India is sold down the pike by this traitor!

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Biggest expose of Cambridge Analytica/Black Cube is yet to be revealed. How SCL/CA/Back Cube indoctrinated then the ambassador of India (now Brookings Institute's fellow!!!) also known as the MK Ultra's Manchurian Candidate who, masterminded the plot to first, select then to elect the right wing anti Muslim teaboy without much education Mr. Modi, who, immediately after his Black Cube et al tailored and controlled criminalities resulted his fake win, entered into an anti Asia deals to break the challenging threat of BRICS and the OBOR and joined the evil troika (Israel-USA-UK). Since then India, USA and Israel have become best of the friends. Wonder why???? Of course, China, Russia and rest of the members of the BRICS (Brazil, Russi, India, China and South Africa) and other Asian countries are keeping a close eye on the evil troika because they are not up to any good for India. Cambridge Analytica (CA) along with Black Cube (BC) are the only reasons for Modi to win. He is doing whatever he can for his master at a great peril to India! If there was any justification of the good old "Murder Inc".. this is the time to revive it and give the first few contracts to take care of the genocidal racist right winger Ahole Nut'n'Yahoo and the rest. Then take out the traitors in the swamp of DC to clean up the USA and try and bring back the old American glory once we get liberated again from the evil occupiers!!

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All the international laws are violated by the axis of evil, USA-UK-Israel and they continue to brag about it. So should Iran give a hoot to the criminal Talmudic Zionist Mafia. Don't waste time on building atom and hydrogen bombs... just buy them from the friends to keep the vultures far far far away. Little tiny illegitimate Israel cancer, can be genuinely and definitely be "wiped out" by none others than her own former allies. USA will end up doing the honor of what Iranian President was falsely blamed for! Once the truth comes out how Israelis have abused and exploited USA and rest of the world, there won't be one friend standing for the defense of this miserable tiny culprit nation. It deserve everything coming to her. As far as Russia is concerned, nothing will cause Russia's destruction. As Mr. Putin has assured the West that this time the war won't be fought in Europe but will be fought in the USA. And that means no picnic for USA like Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, somalia, Yaman, Pakistan, and all those countries in the line of fire of the "Oded Yinon Project" aka PNAC for the sheeple to swallow!

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Goyim has only one single purpose on earth and that is to die in the service of the Jews. Talmud clearly speaks of the purpose of the Goyim and what the Goyim is. Nothing but a worthless dirty filthy worm like unclean animal!!!!

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These senators and the congressmen would only understand the horror of children being slaughtered and torn to shreds by the US bombs, if their own children receive the same treatments. Then these swines will know what we Americans are doing to the helpless poor countries and their civilians!

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What did or has the "individualism" of the "free west" has produced? Any good came out of all the "individualism", "artistic creativities", "personal freedom", "equality for all", etc etc???? All the above nonsensical ethos are now the locomotive engine of decay of the West. So think again about the human nature... there is and there never will be a utopian "freedom for all" and "equality of all" for human nature is to keep pushing for the freedom till it becomes an anarchy. Look at the living in decaying Western "free societies"! Is that what we want? Or some kind of checks and balances or restrained freedom of expression and freedom of movement?