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I disagree Jon:
Bibi's alternative 1. scrap the agreement
2. Have the U.S. bomb Iran for him.
3. Have the Israelis in the north and south live (or die) with the consequences.

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Who are you Neil Berro? What are you some kind of a fool? To accuse those of us who care deeply about Israel's survival (I'll put my efforts and accomplishments in support of Israel up against yours any day any time any place) of any association with what I cannot even repeat here is sacrilege.

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the normal Republican response, which sadly has trickled down to "the masses," is to avoid the issues and insult the opposition. So while logical discussion is suppressed unhinged emotion is released. The motto is "Care deeply--think shallow." Jj can't you join the thinking deeply crowd? Which aspects of the negotiations would you care to amend? Is there a chance that as the details emerge these details will be resolved? Is there a chance that Obama, the big bad Muslim with the fake birth certificate might himself cancel the "deal" if he deems it unworkable? Heck, we the people voted for him in twice in spite of voter suppression and gerrymandering and relentless character assassination.

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the New York Times has shown that Jewish money is being targeted toward Republicans who support Choice "B" (read war with Iran.) The sanctions depend on the P5+1 nations. If Schumer and the Republicans win, the Russians and Chinese will back out and Netanyahu will have the war he's been planning for the last few years. Yes the debate has turned ugly as Schumer and some others have to decide between the President and the Prime Minister. Netanyahu,despite his bluster has proven himself an awful leader in war. In addition to arriving at a draw in Gaza, he's squandered what was a talented fighting unit by reassigning it to police duties in the West Bank. While focusing on his colonial ambitions he's allowed Hezbolah and Hamas to gain in weaponry and experience. A war with Iran will open two fronts with multiple warheads aimed at both the North and South of Israel with potentially devastating effects. Netanyahu has also managed to alienate almost thewhole of the Western world except for the U.S. and Canada. And he's trying hard for the U.S. No easy task. The only thing going for him is the unyielding resolve of the Republicans to sour and discredit anything Obama touches. Obama may indeed be the last hope for Israel. You wonder whether Schumer is in touch with the Israeli military and intelligence branch. Netanyahu pays them and diiscounts their counsel.

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The West and the CIA have the capacity to withstand the enormous loss of life and physical destruction that will follow in Israel. Israel doesn't. Rose tinted glasses don'r obscure the fact that the situation on the ground has changed drastically over the years. The departing Israeli Chief of Staff has gone public yesterday explaining that Israel needs new dipomlatic and military strategies or it will self destruct. The kind of blowhard muscle beach posturing has lost its appeal. Many US presidents (not just this one) have marveled at Netanyahu's ability to lecture them and dictate policy as if he were the leader of a major military and political power. What will happen if the Repugnicants stop stroking his Churchillian ego only to have him follow their strategy of deligitmizing Obama personally. Netanyahu is being used.

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The Israeli military and intelligence community is not supportive of Netanyahu's position. See the statement just released yesterday by the departing chief of the Army and the statements releast by the former heads of the intelligence agencies. . He suggests that Israel must adjust to changing realities in the Mid East both in terms of diplomacy and military strategy. He suggests that collateral damage resulting from an attack on Iran would be catastrophic. Perhaps Obama doesn't understand the realities in the Mid East. Perhaps nobody does. Balancing the interests of the various branches of Islam, the family run businesses called countries, the desire for freedom and the residents and the aftershock of foolish American military intervention in the region by a previous US President might be a mite challenging. Ad to the mix arming the Sate of Israel with advanced weaponry while the prime minister threatens unilateral military action. This is what the dictionary might call a boiling cauldron.

Now lets ad to the mix a Republican opposition that has no interest in any policy anywhere but the defamation and degradation of the of the sitting President and that is exploiting the prime ministers insatiably Churchillian ego and you have a pretty perplexing situation. Go for it name callers who live in the Occupied Territories.

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Why not think of a single higher standard. Are you saying that you set the standard for Israel at the level of North Korea, Putin and Hitler. Don't you think that as Jews who have a collective stake in Israel's future that we can't expect Israel to have higher standards than the ones you set? Liberal Jews expect Israel, to stand up to the standards it professes and not to the standards it actually practices.

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Oh common Ron, I (she) doesn't teach geography. Try sociology. But you miss her sarcasm. Sorry. To try to clarify and amend for any wrong doing. I was merely suggesting that Israel cannot afford, given its size, to play the expansionist game because it doesn't have a fall back position as do the Russians and the Chinese. While some, like the Hardrocker below doesn't approve of Israeli behavior examined under a microscope I was thinking that Israelis see themselves by looking through a "macroscope." So big and powerful. And perhaps self righteous too, It's the only way to explain Netanyahu's recent behavior His challenge to the West, the Settlement movement and the Occupation, in defiance of the opinion of the European and American democracies.

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Tiger get a grip. It's true that Israel is in deep deep trouble. Worrying is justified. But you are surpassing all of the Republican hate mongering I've ever seen. Even Faux News' panic attacks can't match yours. Have a glezeleh vine, sit back, and when you're relaxed enough try to think about which of the wounds Israel suffers are self inflicted. The settlements weren't an existential necessity. In fact they drained the Israeli economy, compromised it's military and turned Israel from a state that was admired to a state that is bewildering. When we read about thousands of olive and almond trees being uprooted, homes being destroyed, thousands of children under arrest because they object to living under a cruel occupation, what are we to think? When we read about Netanyahu warning against civic participation by citizens do we react by blaming Obama? Well blaming Obama for adhering to a U.S. foreign policy that has been accepted in principle if not in action for many decades just doesn't cut it.

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Reuven, there's a senate committee investigating everything that comes out of the White House. That's evidence of neither smoke nor fire, just a determination to discredit the President by any means possible.

I can tell you as someone who has worked in congressional campaigns in Connecticut that people are bussed or driven to polling booths here. You may be rich enough to drive to the polling place in your neighborhood and so are unaware of how poor people get to vote in these here United States.. I personally drove poor people who didn't have cars or weren't provided with polling places near their homes to voting places so that they might exercise their rights. Now if you provide evidence that Arab citizens were coerced into getting onto those busses and forced to vote I might change my mind. I strongly suspect that Arab citizens used the busses because it was convenient.