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So kind of you!
What a benevolent diick you are!
Back to the trailer park with off!

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Ha ha ha!!! Limbo just got slapped like the biiiitch he is!!
Good for the NFL!
I guess $$$$$$$ can't buy everything!

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Well, let's just say we'll have to agree to disagree.
We will see who is right and who is wrong about 1 year from now come election time. I've got my ideological nuts on the line and so do you. We will see which vision America chooses.

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You're right- ideologues overreach. There is a difference this time around-it's 2009, not 1993, demographics have changed very, very much. That changes everything. It's funny, because you say you're a recovered marxist, well I'm a recovered conservative. I was a staunch conservative for many years, until cold hard reality slapped me in the face-that it was all a b.s. lie making the rich richer and the poor (being me...) poorer. So it's like we just swapped places! You guys assume that a bunch of mindless ghetto dwellers voted for Obama and a Democratic Congress, and that you can get it all back if you just WISH hard enough, but there are more people like me than you will ever know that were on the right and have, eyes wide open, turned our backs on you, flat out. Bushies that couldn't swallow the lies anymore and have gone rogue. Socialism, Marxism, Fascism, you can call it what you want, but we'll take it over what we've had and the damage it has caused. You assume everything will cycle around as it has before, that the pendulum will swing back the other way again, but you take that for granted, and that ASSUMPTION is your downfall.

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Hey fantum, I see you just love to paste links, so here's one of my favorite ones, just for you-----------------

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So she's a money what?
I'll tell you one thing-she'll never hold an elected office of any kind again!

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Of course they are greedy lying sacks of shiiiit!!!!
I've said it before, and I'll say it again....These greedy CEO's of the insurance, and financial companies with thier huge salaries, massive bonuses, multiple mansions, and long limos that fleece us all like sheep should be HORSEWHIPPED NAKED THROUGH THE STREETS while us real people line up along side the road and spit on them and throw rotten tomatoes and dogshiiit at them for what they've done to us!

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Yeah, yeah, yeah well Joe Biden is Vice-President of The United States of America, and your nominee for V.P. Mrs. Palin got her asssss rejected and had to go back to be a lowly Governor of Alaska for a few months before she quit that job, and now she has.......................a page on......Facebook!??!?, and made 1 speech in....China!?!? Yeah...a real winner that one! As far as Biden goes- that's Mr. Vice President to you......Hahaha! You loser!

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You guys are amatuer insulters at best. How weak is that.....I don't know if I can take it....
Here, let me give you a lesson in insulting someone.

Hey, Yankfan....You're a slippery fingered, salami slappin', queef sniffin', condom lickin', sasquatch legged, big-bootied, cuum guzzeling, gutter slutt of a whooore!!!!

How ya like them apples? Now that's an insult you sissy.

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I guess that's your choice.... it doesn't matter much to me. I'm not personally coming for anything of yours. You won't be seeing me around anywhere.You wouldn't know me, and I wouldn't know you if we passed each other on the street. I guess you'll do what you think you gotta do. I flat don't care. You're an irrelevant relic of the past as far as I'm concerned. Good luck with that "From my cold dead hands" thing!