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I doubt many of you will ever read this but it is something I want you to hear.

It feels like forever since y'all took me in back in December of 11, when BROHOOF was in its early days. I learned much about y'all and learned about me.

We became such great friends, almost as if we'd hung out as kids and rode our bikes down the pier. We learned each others dreams, our hopes, our passions, our pains, our strengths and our faults.

You guys helped me during the worst part of my life, when my injury ruined my dreams, but through though glass shards came new light, I finally got out of that godforsaken cast, both physically and mentally.

I wish I could say more but I'm already in tears writing this, I don't think this case is waterproof! Lol
I love you guys, I hope and pray you end up happy in your lives, wherever the world takes.

BROHOOF/SALT Final statement from Travis Smith aka "Renegade"

ThunderIce, ClosetBrony, MyBoyJ, DeRockProject, Lupon, MilleenialDan, Dublio, amddude, Discord, bombedrumbum, Ravens
All of you, and a few othes whose name escape me at the moment

This is for you:

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25 Weeks since my previous comment, huh...been a long time since I first created my account on Oct 11, 2011

Man, good times here in the past, good people and fun events. Alas, as such all the great flames must burn to their last spark.

My OC is/was Renegade the Shadowbolt, I always choose characters based on one shots in a story. Yes I know he is "red and black," shut up, at least it's just his hair, his body is gray.

He originally was a Captain of the Royal Guard until he was imprisioned with Nightmare Moon for 1,000 years. Losing your sanity twice is not helpful to a healthy mind. He did escape after the second part of season one, but with everything he knew gone, his mind shot and a deity he no longer believed in, he lives in the mountains studying...always studying. Unable to take his flight suit off for his gray hair turns white and then to dust, a soul trapped in a crumbling body

I had hopes to expand it into this kickass series, I had thirteen chapters written with so many other characters, but quit writing as it became to much of a "prequel" of Fallout, I didn't want to be called a copier so I never finished the story.

Anyway here he is, drawn by one of my good friends MillinalDan

Doubt even the moderators remember the old times anymore

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Blueberry pie, I dislike the taste of apples but have never tried raspberry pie

At this rate I think the setting of Fallout Equestria is more likely when the one mad scientist clones ponys and it goes downhill from there.

*hides under the protection of Vladimir Putin*

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Can't say anything, for the first time I have no resolutions for this year, ill just follow where the wind blows...maybe grab a burger and some fries...

So my interest in the Metro series has reignited with new DLC content I purchased and for Christmas I got the novel: Metro 2033, very different from the game in many ways. Lots more edgier and dark, not as bad as The Divine Comedy....

Also my best gift? An entrenching tool, score!

Hey guys, glad to be back!

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I am, thanks bomb!

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Buy the glass bottle coke, always tastes better

Stuff, lot of catching up to do on EqD

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I read The Old Man and the Sea, I'm with bombe, I found it rather dull and uninteresting

I'm halfway through For Whom the Bell Tolls and loving it.
I'd like to read A Farewell to Arms

Read Animal Farm in 5th grade, one out of eight in the whole class that understood it.

Of Mice and Men is a classic I enjoyed
To Kill A Mocking Bird and Lord of the Flies may be considered classics...I found them both dull

1984 is on my list to want to read along with several of Js books.

Jack London's, White Fang.
Enough said
(Da Best)

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I haven't been around due to parts of summer school

Classics eh? Moby Dick was the first I read (although it was a cut up version) I still don't understand how the first sentence is "a masterwork"
Black Beauty, encouraged my love of horses
Never read Huckleberry
Nor Sawyer Tom

Jack London was/is one of my favorite authors, Edgar Allen Poe got me "into" the dark zone of which I've yet to escape.

Dante's Inferno.............................................
Gave me nightmares until I was 16, 16. It also really questioned some of my morality. But a classic.

Today I saw one of the coolest cars in the world, a fully original 1969 Grabber Blue Boss 429 Mustang

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Got bored so I up voted everyone