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Ah Shigs you totally misunderstood what i was telling you earlier =P

I said that male forces in PSO dress gay, i didn't say they were a "gay group"

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We aren't a Nintendo fansite

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PSO2 won't run on a mac mini. lol xP i wish it would, i want to get one. but I mean the processor in the latest one would work great, but not the GPU.

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Those are just shortcut keys, PSOBB had those too.

The three main action buttons are in the middle, those could easily be mapped to a controller.
but yeah.. worst case scenario would be PC Japan Only xD

I need to build a new PC once this game is announced for the west

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This really should of been the first trailer for Sonic Generations. Would of been much more epic.

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SEGA just confirmed the delay on twitter!/SEGA/status/933342809980928...

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I love that picture you made. lmao

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I'm gonna be really surprised if there isn't a console port eventually. PSO is played best with a controller, and unless they've done some dramatic gameplay changes to it that make it better with a mouse everyone will end up hooking up a controller to their PC.

Everything about the game looks like its being built for consoles. PC's are capable of much more, but we will see I guess =P

PSO was ported so many times, I'll be surprised if PSO2 isn't.

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I still don't see why we are all still arguing over this. What it comes down to is we all have a different opinion of what looks good and we won't ever agree on this particular subject. Some people would rather have a gray game with higher detail then a fun colorful one with less detail, well, good for them.

Seriously >_> everyone is just repeating themselves now. It's best to just agree to disagree instead of keep arguing.

I brought up Binary Domain because its a freaking double standard. Nothing about that game looks good graphically compared to other big western console games, yet everyone here praises it. But PSO2 doesn't have super detailed graphics and it's liek OMG WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT.

You know. Maybe they had to keep the graphics down for budget reasons. I'd rather them put more of the budget into the game itself rather then the graphics if they were limited on budget.

My point is, these "bad" graphics won't stop the game from being fun if Phantasy Star Portable 2 is anything to go by.

oh, and it looks nothing like PSU. PSU is bland and boring. PSO2 actually looks really fun.
this is what PSU looks like: now that's a generic forest with low detail PS2 textures.

The textures in PSO2 do have some good depth to them. They don't look like PSU's at all. If you can't see it then maybe you just got a shitty monitor. I know I was on a computer with a shitty monitor not too long ago and it made these screens look bad. None of the detail was showing up.

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Ehh.. I'm not even going to get into it =P sorry. Read my above post. That's all I've got to say on the matter.