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What is this woman doing in Italy? I presume a politician--in order to get a tax payer funded junket-- must make some "official contact" in the countries visited.. This, then, makes the junket "legit" and the American tax pay foots the bill. Can you imagine persons of her ilk -pelosi-representing the USA amongst foreign interests? Small wonder that we seem to be held in such low esteem through out the world.

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The fact that they are here illegally would seem to indicate they are, well, illegal. The fact that an earthquake occurred in their homeland does not make them legal. They remain in this country illegally and, as such, should have been disposed long ago. Since that obviously did not happen--they should be dealt with immediately. But because of something or the other in the minds of our politicians of both stripes we do not choose to treat these law breakers as law breakers. Probably because that would hurt their feelings. Oh, the shame of it!!