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Prime Minister Boris Jognson had recently been a victim of COVID-19 formerly 2019-nCoV. His innards including his brain had been ravaged; these affects his management performances adversely - particularly challenging aspects iincluding "the management of optimising changes". We are in a socio-politico-economic quagmire. I suggest that he plans stepping aside for a successor; which will create a problem for us because too many MPs are more energised about planning their individual next election than our long-term national interests! Sad! Too sad.

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Conservative Diversity Project MUST neither be political nor sycophantic in order to enhance positive growth.

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What are the Contact details of this Conservative Diversity Project - full address + post code, website, email address, etc.
In order to optimise our GDP; all employers must be coaxed by CDP into becoming participants to optimise momentum and impetus. Seton During

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Good Morning Damian, in order to optimise our successes after BREXIT, we need to re-appraise all aspects of our relationships with The USA. A current case in point is how we appear to be hanging onto their coat tails about the primary source of COVID-19 formerly 2019-nCoV! Have you noticed that President Trump of The USA was the first person to politically assert on CNN TV that the primary source was Wuhan in China quickly followed by his Foreign Minister & Secretary-of-State Mike Pompeo, no member of The USA's CIA or Military's Joint Chiefs 0f Staff have so far not confirmed his claim - this contributes to undermining the credibility of politically and unhelpfully blaming China!
The fact is that this VIRUS was primarily developed within Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland, USA; and was then taken amongst 365 Americans flying into Wuhan during October 2019 in 4 batches. . to take part in The WUHAN Military Games in October 2019. Out of this 365, only 176 took part athletically in the sports. All 365 returned to The USA on 29th October 2019 - some of their body languages at departures looking suspicious. What had the 365 minus 176 been up to? Our own GCHQ + MI6 should have told our Paymaster-General "somethings" for onward transmission to Prime Minister Boris - had they?

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I am disappointed GCHQ & MI6 had not infiltrated Fort Detrick - the 1200 acre US Military WMD/GM site - in Maryland, USA, and alerted our Pay Master-General for onward transmission to our PM that COVID-19 (-formerly 2019-nCoV) originated from this Fort Detrick, and was transported to Wuhan in 4 batches amongst a contingent of 365 Americans in October 2019. All 365 returned to USA on 29th October 2019.
Until and unless these were accepted, UK epidemiologists with UK BIG PHARMA who are still not working from this starting point will continue wasting time and £MONEY about developing any efficacious vaccine!
Our GCHQ & MI6 leaderships merit salaries reductions because they are obviously NOT VALUE-FOR-MONEY!
This is an extremely serious issue!

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Everyone seem to have forgotten that whilst Winston Churchill was Colonial Secretary, he ordered that only dead white soldiers must be apportioned 1-to-1 graves; black African and all others must be buried in communal pits.

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Sensible, rational, and reasonable Eric - as usual - about defaulting taxpayers.
Government should appraise all pertinent legislation and superintend legal draughtsmen - sorry, persons - to close/reduce exploitative avoiders and evaders; how about this for challenges? Tasking the Cabinet Secretary - I have more assignments for him!

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Writing as a black ex-Merchant Navy British immigrant, we British are plagued with continually electing politicians instead of tested and proven ethical managers onto our Parliament and Local Authorities! Most of our elected characters are congenitally incapable of thinking beyond their next elections - I know because I had been a London Borough of Enfield Councillor, voluntary sector activist, etc.

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1. Protesters need to re-prioritise onto legislation for effective equal opportunities in all sectors; this is one solution option worth mutually beneficial pilot projects, e.g. countering institutionalised wastefulness, institutionalised law-breaking, etc.
2. From my own personal experiences as a black man, there is a need for a REALLY INDEPENDENT AND UNCONSTRAINED AUDITOR-GENERAL - anathema to all crooked governments and journalists.
3. HM Governments failures about unsuccessfully dealing with problems such as COVID-19 formerly 2019-nCoV; the continuing Grenfell Tower debacle, immigration and migration, etc. confirm these ineptitudes!

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This virus is MAN-MADE and GENE-BASED.