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Does the author not spot how easy it is to rewrite this article and insert Donald Trump for Chinese Communist Party ?
Does he not see how the attacks on judges, fake news, the main stream media, human rights, the 'culture wars' are all part and parcel of an attack on democracy. The idea that the USA applies the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to all its citizens equally is laughable.

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When in doubt, go for a costly, complex and an ineffective gimmick every time.

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I imagine Starmer would be delighted by the complacency in this article. Of course the government spending billions is popular with some people but when the bills have to be paid and there is little to show for it, they might not be so keen.

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I hope plenty of people see the choice not between being too hawkish or not hawkish enough, but between being doing the right thing at the right time or not.

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And still people cling to the hope that Boris is some kind of anti establishment figure, he is only in the sense that no member of the 'establishment' would have proposed such a large collection of non entities, has beens and toadies in direct contradiction to all the guff they spouted about Lords reform.

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The death rate from Covid-19 is around 0.01% - 0.02%. The same as flu.

really - lets have the statistics then.

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"With the benefit of hindsight, it can be said that we could have handled the health crisis better." and with the benefit of foresight or listening to repeated warnings or even responding appropriately in the moment.

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"The proposals for taxes on online goods also don’t make any sense." They do make sense to anyone who wants a level playing field for business. That used to be a Conservative value. The real criticism is that they don't go far enough and will leave the playing filed tilted hugely to online businesses. It's a puzzle how think tanks and commentators funded by wealthy people keep coming up with policies that help wealthy people - hence we have the obsession with stamp duty (one of the few taxes they struggle to avoid), inheritance tax (that most people won't pay) and corporation tax, (even though so many mega businesses persistently claim to be unprofitable judging by the tax they pay). Of course Darren's idea is great, everything can be put on expenses, and no corporation tax paid at all.

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How lucky they are that they didn't come up with the slogan Jewish Lives Matter or Tutsi Lives Matter. When Katie Hopkins was a columnist for the Sun, she compared migrants to cockroaches, she was rewarded with a column at Mail Online and a chatshow at LBC. Just saying.

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Gosh - Darren has spotted the seeming contradiction between the government having an incentive for eating out and also telling people to lose weight. What an original and insightful view point. Next he'll be saying Christmas is too commercialised. Is Darren exaggerating or merely stupid when he writes of up to £10 off as feasting like Bourbon King? Do we know if both suggestions came from "think tanks" of lobby groups ? or perhaps they came from Conservative Ministers, doing what they are meant to do and governing, however ineptly.

How can the Government reduce the tax burden of enterprises that pay sod all anyway? Why is defence spending considered suitable for general taxation ? Most of it has nothing to do with defence and most of the population have very little to defend. It could be privatised and we go back to a system of mercenaries and militia. Advertising could help pay for the cost - this tank was brought to you by amazon.

A trade deal with the USA, with dodgy Donald who has ripped up more trade deals than he has signed. What a silly aspiration.

Perhaps Darren can consider the case of the Dyson workers laid off, does James Dyson, net worth £16 billion neither enough tax breaks or personal wealth to keep them on, yeah, right. If you really want to reduce Government paternalism, then the place to start is with decent pay that doesn't need subsidy, affordable housing and allowing everyone the ability to increase their wealth, sadly that would involve the one thing thinks tanks don't do, which is thinking.