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Actually, you can choose to allow supernaturals to roam your world or not in a later expansion. I\'ve rarely ever saw wishes for my Sims to become witches or anything like that. But I understand your predicament. I bought Supernatural for the spicy cooking and the rocking chair.

If you felt so led to uninstall it, then I respect you for it. Me, I don\'t like the supernatural content, but I also have the witches disabled.

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I get calls from other Sims asking my married Sims out on dates. Naturally, I always refuse. I agree that it\'s not good, but you can always say no. I don\'t know if it\'s been patched since I don\'t patch. But for me, it\'s more of an annoyance since it keeps happening.

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Because I didn\'t want to type it out in full. This is a Christian site after all.

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For one thing, this isn\'t a full review. It\'s a pre-review.

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If you do play it, you\'ll probably want to either read up on or play the other Golden Sun games.

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I\'m flattered that you think I\'ve done so well with these reviews. I\'m just glad that I\'ve found something positive to do with one of my hobbies. I\'m sure there are plenty of people like yourself who wonder about how games and their faith should interesct. But moving on.

I have played some of Final Fantasy 6 for the GBA, and I can tell you there\'s some standard fantasy fare, a lot of magic. Characters can learn spells, but most of them don\'t go above elemental powers, like fire and ice for example. There were a few scantily clad enemies as well. I also recall seeing a few ghosts boarding a train for the afterlife (it\'s been some years). I have heard of Chrono Trigger, but I\'ve never played it.

As for doing a review, I\'m afraid I probably wouldn\'t have a lot of time to do it. I can barely push out reviews as it is. My advice to you might be to find other Christian review sites. I\'m sure some of them already have reviews of both of these games.

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Well, I would say if you feel led to do so, then I would do that. But I would make sure that you feel it\'s what God wants of you. There were many times that I thought I should do the same, but now, I\'m glad I didn\'t because I know I would have regretted it. So, I would act with caution. Perhaps, you should stop playing these games for a time and see what comes of that. If you still feel led to do a pruge, then I would go ahead. Again, tread cautiously in these matters. Because if you don\'t, you may end up like me and spend a lot of time worrying when you don\'t need to.

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Technically, Gandalf wasn't even human. In LOTR, wizard was what his race was called by men.

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Just because he is called a creature of the night, that doesn't make him satanic. Bats really are creatures of the night, and there's nothing evil or demonic about them. It's just their nature. Since Batman adopts the disguise of a bat, it would make sense for him to be active at night. As for his use of fear, look who he's fighting. He fights the worst sort of people. I think one of the movies said it best. He wants to turn fear against those who prey on the fearful. Of course, I can't say anything about the game that this review is for because I've never played it and I don't plan to.

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I would still consider it. It's a game that could have easily made T if it hadn't been for the rather bloody combat methods, but if you turn off the blood, it's rather tame. Some of the boss fights are, I admit, cringe-worthy, such as one that requires you to stab out the boss's eyes. But in spite of all of it, there's even some good messages in this game.