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If anyone has a problem with this not being pony, deal with it. It's one out of dozens a day and you can just skip it.

But the progress looks AMAZING

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You freaked me out with that Rainbow Dash header.

Still wish they would have broached the topic of two mares or two stallions though.

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"Dear Princess Celestia
Today I learned I was right all along!"

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I feel like shortskirtsandexplosions is going to find some way to update his updated daily fics regardless of this.

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Nope, not on EQD before. It was in the feature box for a while though, so that might have been it.

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AAAAAHHHH My first story on EQD :D I'm glad you all love it so much and find it cute.

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This is an excellent story, but seeing it posted this quickly on EQD makes me more than a little annoyed. It shows the priority is given to authors with an already established name, as I submitted my very nearly equally popular story at the same time, and I haven't even heard back from EQD >.>

I'm not bashing the story at all, it just annoys me that famous authors get instant higher priority. And yes, I do realize that the prereaders are doing their best and can't help but be biased about certain things. I guess I'm just annoyed in general.

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Anyone know where that cover art can be found?

In other news, yay? Disney already has a theme park...

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Does it really matter? You don't like it, just skip over it. I found it interesting.