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Yes there is a reason, people trying to convince themselves that immortality simply isn't worth it to make themselves feel better about being mortal.

There are simply to many things left completely undefined as to what is going on. Why are the mane 6 statues? What did the Elements have to do with this? Did she just destroy the Elements as well to do this? Were they actually statues, or did she just use the regular statues of them as a focus? Was it a case of them dying early for some reason and her giving them another chance to live in exchange for her immortality? Why? how long has it been? Was there really no other way? Is she simply to lonely without them? So isn't this a big 'fuck you' to Celestia, Luna, Cadance and Spike? Who will now have to deal with losing her just like she lost the mane 6? So the Princess of friendship couldn't ever make another friend beyond those five? Or do they simply not count? Is she bring her friends back to keep her company in a world where every other pony they ever know or cared about is dead and they are alone aside from each other with no place in it beyond tending to Twilight's selfish need to have them around?

And so many more, there is just no actual substance to this, it is all shallow attempts to play on emotions, with nothing to actually build those feelings on. Which only works if you do not stop to think about it. And all emotion it does have is predicated on one base assumption. It's better to just kill yourself then lose a group of friends, cause with all of eternity to do so, you will never be able to make other friends, even if there are at least three other being you already know and are close to that are just as immortal as you. And that is the best case, worst case, do that, while also forcing your 'friends' to go through a second life with their entire family, every friend aside from you gone, and no place in the world beyond making you not feel lonely.

So yes I dislike it one two fronts. One, what it is saying is something I find both stupid and insultingly abhorrent. That it's better to just kill yourself then deal with your issues. and two, as a story, it makes no damn sense because it doesn't actually tell you anything beyond "it's better to die then move on from a lost friend."

But yes, it does look amazing.

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10-there was nothing about this to hint at that before this, no context, no backdrop for what is going on. Once it's revealed as a dream, it still makes little sense since we have no clue why Dinky would be having this dream, and Luna just spouts a bunch of exposition about how super special Dinky is. All we get from it is "Dinky is super special and important, just take our word for it."

Now even then, that might have worked, but the execution was off, plus it wasn't labeled as a 'prologue' everywhere but rather billed as 'chapter one' in places leading to more confusion.

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There is a difference between having an ambiguous element, and making no damn sense at all and having NOTHING about it going on in the slightest beyond shallow, meaningless attempts at playing to emotion with not one single solid thing to base that on.

So she just killed herself, well great story, telling us to go commit suicide if our friends die. Also fuck you to all the ponies that she still had. Luna, Celestia, Cadance, Spike, none of them matter to her apparently if that is the case. Not to mention, so the Princess of Friendship is incapable of actually making friends outside those five?

That's my bigger issue, it's all based on the assumption Immortality=bad, and you are better off killing yourself. Without some context to explain what she is doing beyond that, it's just horrible and insulting.

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Except it is not 'educated guesses' because there is not one single bit of anything given to base anything on. No it is nothing like What About Discord, because there, while we might not know everything, we did get quite a few tidbits, enough to have a general idea about what went on. Here, we got nothing at all. Not one single clue what is going on or why. Only Twilight essentially committing suicide, just of a very slow variety. While potentially pulling the Mane 6 back after they'd lived full lives, condemning them to do it all over again, this time with everypony else they ever cared about dead and gone, without any place in the world, all because Twilight was being selfish. Oh and also, screw you everypony who isn't the Mane 6 you don't matter. She'd be leaving Tia, Luna, Cadance, Spike, and any other pony she knew in the exact same condition she was in by doing this.

There are simply to many questions, none of which make any sense. Playing to emotion that cheaply is just insulting. There is no context, no depth, no anything that to base a connection on. "If you had to choose friendship over immortality" what does that even mean? Why does she have to make this choice? There is not one scrap or hint or anything about what is going on, meaning there is no reason it is just shallow attempts at superficial emotional manipulation counting on you not stopping to think about how little sense any of this makes.

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Meaning it is not all that great, without any idea what is going on, there is no context for the events, and so nothing to care about or to understand. It banks on shallow plays to nothing but emotion without having any substance to it, because there was no context to connect those events to.

Plus it was coming from the rather idiotic point that Twilight killing herself would be better then living without those five ponies, which in turn ignores she'd be leaving Candace, Luna, Celestia, Spike, and any other friends she had made in that exact same situation. Oh after forcing the other five to potentially go through another lifetime, only now with everyone one they ever knew outside each other, their entire families dead and gone, completely out of time and out of place, just because Twilight was lonely, and apparently the Princess of Friendship can't actually make friends.

Yes the animation was utterly gorgeous, but the there was no substance to it.

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And utteryl failing to grasp basic reading comprhension, since not one of those actually addresses any of the points against the work in the slightest, and is more just petulant whining. Yes, the one actually backing up his claims with logical arguments and reasoning for why is the one 'whining' not the one who has yet to make one single statement that is not nothing except personal attacks rather then backing up his actual claims or trying to defend anything.

So, am I completely right and you are just to petty to admit it. Or do you actually have anything addressing the facts, rather then just petty bitching?

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Yes voicing legit criticisms about how it was flawed and hard to connect with due to not knowing what was going on, with explanations for why it did not work, while also agreeing the animation itself was amazing is totally bashing. Once again, got any actual logical rebuttals to the issues with the thing itself? Or just insecure whining?

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Nope, because there was no context for this at all. The rest, either had that and made clear what was going on, or were not meant to have any kind of story and just be about the fun trip and watching the show.

Except Dinky's Destiny, yeah that one made no damn sense either.

So, how long have the mane 6 been dead? Why are they stuck in statues? What do the Elements have to do with this? Did she just bring them back for her own selfish loneliness to a world where everypony they ever knew or loved aside from each other are dead and they now have to deal with living without all of them just because Twilight couldn't deal with out them?

Leading to the next issue, so the princess of Friendship couldn't make new friends at all?

What about Cadance, Luna, Celestia and Spike? She's screwing them over with this, do they not count?

So she doesn't like not having them around, guess what else will cause that Twilight.. being dead. Where there is life there is hope. This, she might as well have just outright killed herself, since this is only a slower form of suicide. All for nothing. For what could very well be forcing five other ponies who could very well have lived full, happy lives come back to a time where they know nopony, everything they ever knew is gone, just to give Twilight a few years of comfort, and then leave Tia, Luna, Cadance, Spike and any other friends she might have made in the exact same situation.

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Why so many people seem to love that thing is baffling to me.

Yes it looked amazing, but it made no damn sense.

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Left off for being even more confusing he Dinky's Destiny. With a side order of a whole lot of really dark and rather stupid subtext to it?