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Elenore sounds like a big government princess.....I'm frankly surprised she has to ask for money .... with all her superior senority and elitist obligations .... I'd like to see her to go to jail with her little tiara and pink dress along with her little princess friend pelosi.

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hey, toolittletime, your being an, knock if off.

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I would have liked that job too. I'm out of work. My husband has been through 2 layoff's but still remains employed. Yeah, lucky us. They took away his weekend pay, but he still has to work weekends "yeah, lucky us". No more overtime pay either yet, he still works 12 hours a day. "Yeah, lucky us" I'm a girl but I can dig a hole about as good as anyone. I would have liked that job too.

I bought my sis-in-law a pack of smokes the other day and they were over $5 a pack. Isn't that insane?

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I am for term-limit for all Congress members. Let's vote all the old ones OUT. Career politicians do not work in Wash D.C. These bozo's must be able to live with the rules and regulations, and taxes that they vote into place. Tthis way they would never vote themselves more regulation and taxes outside of office. If they never get out of politiic's then they never have to eat what they slush out to US. Its so sad. I liked your post.

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$600.00 .. is that all? You should have hired the Union to do it, then it would have cost you $1,444,00 but that is only to repair -- not replace.

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Regarding all the ham slices and cheese on

I guess stimulous spending makes you hungry, lunch anyone?

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The Postal Services created a stamp with a picture of President Obama. The stamp was not sticking to envelopes. This enraged the President, who demanded a full investigation. After a month of testing and $1.73 million in congressional spending, a special Presidential commission presented the following findings: The stamp is in perfect order. There is nothing wrong with the adhesive. People are spitting on the wrong side.

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I agree.  OK is definately red and they have very tough illegal laws.  Now you know why it is all red.  There aren't many Mexican's living there now.  Many have moved out with the new OK laws now which prohibt any OK businesses to hire illegals and they are tough enforcing these as well.  Not one county in OK voted blue.  As a former okie, I was very proud to see that.  We will be going back to OK once my husband retires or gets laid off ..which ever one comes first. (ha)  NJ is extremely expensive and I can't wait to leave but I think we can make it for a while here with a job.  So many are loosing jobs, its terrifying.  I really don't know if we can survive these next 4 years with Obama.  Our next President is gonna have his hands full.  I will admit Bush started it all with all the stupid bailouts.
I really didn't want to work for the census anyways.  I just thought I should for extra $.  Save for a rainy day - don't know what our future holds for us.  I grew up very poor and have worked full time since I was 12 and feel guilty now that I am not working.  I had another interview this past week and may get hired there -- still waiting. 
I'm glad for my past experiences because I know what its like growing up hardly anything.  I feel very fortunate each day but I've worked my ass off to get here for an education, values and morals etc.  All is good but not sure about my childrens future especially with all this deficit spending and borrowing.  We are on the eve of very troubling times -- mark my words.  I can feel it.  Its like the calm before the storm.
I hate ACORN. Have you guys been watching Beck lately. He;s really exposing those bast.ards.  O'Reilly knows them for what they are, as well.  Its good watching!  We were laughing our off watching it play out.  I had to rewind it and watch it about 3 times for another good laugh.  I was eating my dinner at the same time and accidentally spit all my food out.  John Conyers D-MI is the one who killed the Acorn probe.  I wonder what kind of kick back he recieved for that favor.  They are all corrupt.  I'm tired, I can't spell when I'm tired, signing off.  I am attending a town hall meeting hosted by Senator Maria Karrow.R-NJ in the morning.  We are trying to get some decent folks into office into this State that ain't gonna tax our off.  Everytime we have an election these Democrats vote yes to raise our taxes each time.  Enough is enough.  What is up with these people?
We attended the Tax Day Tea Party in Washington DC on April 15th too.  I'm watching these fools like a hawk now and make about 5 complaint phone calls a day.  Maybe they will get a clue.  I hate to complain too but who else is going to do it?  Check out the website. I've been grading certain Congressmen when I hear things they do.  Watch out John Conyers D-MI.  He is getting an F tomorrow.  You can only grade one a day.  C-ya!

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I think he is just fed up with the Rep & Dem. Plus I think he wants to scare both parties into thinking that they may have some competion. We need the 2 party system. I don't think 3 would work, would it?

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Oklahoman's are watching Gov. Brad Henry very closely. He may have a difficult time getting elected in the next go around.