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"for whom you should look after" ?

"he doesn’t address then the current problems" ?

This is some major-newspaper-columnist-quality English for whom then I admire!

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Dude 27 has camo shorts, camo = armed services = patriot, ipso facto Sarah Lou knows the flavor of his (non-Levi) Johnson, rather than that of tubby goatee bandmate,

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Bitch don't kill my vibe! For real, David!

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This fellow/femme is a mess in a dress maybe, but a bit of a scumbag chiseling weirdo if
Something Awful is to be believed.

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I hope Ted Nugent will weigh in on this. Unless he's too busy having a patriot picnic with Dave Mustaine.

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.38 Special. Assuming you stopped caring about Foghat some time ago.

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Well they have a point. First Joe's telling a family-style story and then he out of nowhere starts mixing in politics and Wall Street and then he says banks will put "y'all" (= black people) "back in chains" (= slave times, or slippery roads in New Hampshire), and I thought it was pretty offensive/ insensitive and deserving of apologies from someone who should know how sensitive black people are since he works for one (duh!) and stop saying "y'all". How low can Joe go? He's the like limbo king of language.

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What a mess. I can't stop looking, so many wrongs strung together, it's the wardrobe equivalent of her speech: inconsistent, clumsy, earnest, pointlessly provocative, and careless. I can't wait for the Palin Collection at Target.

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Good thing she wasn't rocking a portrait of Black Barrack

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Her Pop Todd Palin I saw advertised to appear in a show about "stars" (the definition is elastic beyond all reason) earning bars or something, bootcamp for boobs, manly efforts, difficult undertakings. Why is this family catnip to reality TV producers?