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I am lucky enough to have my best friend staying with me for the final week of Toast (coincidence? karma? who knows...), and now it's her last day here.
We're both Irish and can confirm Nicole's strategy.
There'll be one hell of a barney here later this evening, a donnybrook even.
Nah, there won't - we do the "see ya in a while" instead of goodbye.

So, Nicole, see ya in a while?
Toast, see you anon.
Toasties, see ya in Slack.

Thank you again for three years of awesome, and long may you continue to rock.

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*takes to the sea*

Mallory, thank you for making me laugh harder than any other human being on the interwebs and for making me feel smart because yours are the type of jokes that my nerdery has made me automagically be in on.

So long, and thanks for all the dickribbons and for being too witches in all the best ways.

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Heart-eye emojis everywhere.
This. Site. This. Effing. Site.

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Thank you, Nicole!
Thank you, The Toast.
Thank you, Toasties.
I <3 you all.

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Thank you, Nikki.
There are so many articles I want to say thank you for (even more then are listed in your "Best of" post), and in addition to your own (which are so thoughtful and thought-provoking and sooooo well-written) thank you for finding and sharing such wonderful writers with us.
A great editor is a gem beyond value, and seldom honored as such - it made me smile to see how many Toasties know that and are lining up to honor you today.
*proudly stands in line, waving dorkily*

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Another thing The Toast has taught me: you never know at the start of a Carvell Wallace piece where it's going to take you - but you know that it's a journey you're going to want to go on, and one you won't soon forget.

This is all kinds of brave and brilliant and beautiful, and thank you for sharing it with the Toast so the Toast could share it with us.

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Of all the things The Toast has given me, the most surprising has been a deep (possibly abiding?) critical interest in dickribbonry in western art.

And I shall gleefully embrace my own tackiness and dang well call them cum gutters because Mallory also taught me I was free to tell judgy types to go suck an egg...so.

Ortberg, go suck an egg.



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He levelled up to dick harness, but the boyfriend with the bow didn't even merit a ribbon, he only got a grudging, floppy burlap pouch.

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There are many, but no-one has mentioned Shirley Jackson yet, so I will say that I believe We have Always Lived in the Castle to be a most Toastie kind of book.

Also, Ann Leckie's Ancillary trilogy and NK Jemisin's The Fifth Season because both of them broke the mold and are taking sci-fi and fantasy in wonderful, inclusive, and page-turningly riveting directions.

(I am currently reading The Inheritance Trilogy and had to force myself NOT TO START reading today because otherwise nothing would get done.)

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+1 huge thanks to Marco <3