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My parents do not know because they are judgmental anuses that are stuck in the past. All my friends know, just not my parents. They physically aren't able to understand why I like any cartoon (and don't listen to whatever I tell them about how cartoons are different than anime), so they would in no way understand why I like MLP. If they knew they would not ultimately care, but they would use it as a gateway to tease me, so for the sake of avoiding them, I don't tell them.

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You obviously haven't read any of the amazing Twilestia stories.

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It is probably YouTube, not Hasbro. I had a channel get deleted after posting only one video with pony stuff in it.
(I only got an email saying "this first strike is just a warning, and your video will be removed..." and then an hour later the whole channel went poof.

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#39 Sith Twilight is best Twilight.

And star wars ponies are best ponies.

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Still not going to watch it unless I hear really good feedback from the brony community...

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Don't like, don't watch.

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She lied by omission.

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Crystal Empire is an EMPIRE, so I choose there.

Plus, crystals.

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Go be a whiny pissturd about mobile operating systems on mobile technology sites.

This site is for ponies.

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We should all coordinate a "Send Hate Emails to Hasbro Day."

Asshole company apparently does not like free promotion of their shit, and cares nothing about their consumers other than their money.