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Also - Guy has to know that he looks like he stepped out of a Limp Bizkit video ca. 1999, right?

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Guy does win. This motherfucker does whatever he wants, does it horribly, and millions love him for it. I am with boredcoworker on the selling out tip.

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I have to agree. Teenagers have been fucking with their parents in horrific ways, probably since the dawn of time.

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good god!

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I was depressed and recently laid off from a high-paying software support job in the wake of the dot-com bust and there was absolutely NOTHING going on in the local IT job market at the time. However, a few weeks after my layoff I got hooked up with an interview at a prominent local company for an IT training position. It wasn't anything fabulous, but I was stoked since the pay was decent and I was reasonably qualified. I just had to show up at 2pm the next day and do my thing.

Now, like most unemployed people in their mid-20s, I turned to a particular herbal remedy to take the edge off the depression and boredom that almost always follows someone when they're not working. My boyfriend at the time had a cousin that sold it, and so we always had several ounces lying around, and the night before my interview we decided to go ahead and try our hand at making some brownies. We dumped in an ounce (which for anyone who knows about this, that's a lot more than you need) and baked them. In a fit of munchies and extreme self-pity, I decided to eat around 6 or 7. I was still extremely, extremely, extremely high when I dozed off around 4am that morning, and woke up only extremely, extremely high at 12:30pm. I rushed to clumsily put my clothes on, shower, and make it across town for my interview. I was on time, but to this day I can't tell you anything about what happened in that interview. I have zero recollection of any questions they asked, any of my replies, who interviewed me, or what they looked like.

Needless to say I didn't get the job.

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Maybe it was the Carrie association and his blatant non-committal attitude that tainted any potential handsomeness Chris Noth had for me. And maybe I was going through a similar relationship when I was marathoning the show. And maybe I might have been projecting a little bit. Or a lot.

This conversation thread has really helped me work out some issues with this show!

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Hey thanks - that is my kitty Dave Perkins.

Even by the third season of SatC, I still kind of hated it, but I was sucked too far in at that point. It was really only Carrie and Charlotte that bugged. The whole on-again-off-again, pining endlessly business with Mr. Big was really dumb (he was soooo boring! And NOT cute.) So was Charlotte's trolling for husbands and babies. Although Jewish Charlotte was pretty hilarious. They should have just wrote her that way from the start.

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I love a good hate-watch. I was doing that with Sex and the City for years until I was told I was supposed to be taking it seriously.

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Seventh Heaven was my hate-watch for three years. Remember that theme song? Or that blonde kid's ultra-punchable face? ASHLEE SIMPSON?


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"Sizzling Chicken Fundido" is a little too close to "Sizzling Chicken Fundillo" for my liking.