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At least Andrew used an actual trait of some of the occupy folks unlike those who call the Tea Party homophobes and racists. Andrew used truth where the occupiers and critics of the Tea Party use make-believe.

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Merry Christmas everyone!

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I'm not sure why you want to pigeonhole me as a corporatist since that wasn't my point. I will not deny class warfare is waging around us, but I can't condone that as a viable approach to solving the ills of today's economic woes. IMHO, Marxism may be a solution for other countries, but the USA is not built on a collective philosophy, and more importantly, it is a fast way to collapse any economic system so I can't support it even against Corporatism as you define it. There is no question that TARP and other government "bailouts" will fail--they are destined to fail by design. The fallacy of a government that picks winners and losers with special-interest-oriented bailouts further proves Marxism is destined to fail. Recently we have seen a government stepping in to socially engineer and we have seen more failure. What you have proven is that government is the problem. Corporatism comes from a government that is too strong. The only way out of this is to shrink government in both its financial power and political power. Class warfare is only an excuse for neo-communists to force an agenda of government control--the reality is that smaller government and a flat tax system (corporate and personal) is the real solution to the evils of Corporatism.

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There is actually a very deep (or conservative if you prefer) side of Santa Claus that is virtually forgotten these days particularly with all the modernization of recent films. If you are looking for that "old" Santa, I have to recommend a book I read to my kids every year. It's called The True Meaning of Christmas by Santa Claus. The entire book is written from Santa's perspective--very clever and very entertaining. The stories range from secular to religious but it isn't preachy. The first time I read it I couldn't believe how interesting it was. For those who want to put the Christ in Christmas via Santa, look for the book A Special Place for Santa. If you have ever seen the "Kneeling Santa" ornament, this book tells the story. I'm sorry for writing what sounds like a commercial here, but we need to have great resources like these to counter act the poison Hollywood is feeding our kids!

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“'We are grateful to the Occupy movement for refocusing the country to the issue of income inequality,'” Maria Elena Durazo, executive secretary and treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, said in a statement issued Sunday."

"Income Inequality!" This really sums up what they are looking for. It is pure class warfare with a Marxist solution. Why isn't this plastered throughout the news cycles. We know it, but the mainstream media is whitewashing this entire movement and leaving the general public in the dark and having empathy with them. It's reprehensible!

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Mr. Meyers, thank you for the heads up on Kickstarter. First, it is a fantastic idea that needs to be shared. What a fantastic way to bypass the bureaucracy and waste of the governmental grants and funding. Secondly, I have already signed up to help fund my new opera! Hopefully I will be able to raise some money to help me finish this unfunded commission.

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Personally I think TZ should be number one. The top five must be incredible shows for TZ to be number six!

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This is a fantastic interview. Andrew has his head screwed on straight and is making a difference. The world needs him right now!

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Has anyone picked up on the irony of his "Balanced Approach" rhetoric. He is saying that the rich and corporations need to suffer just as the middle class will suffer with the cuts. Typically the rich create the jobs so we need to rely on them for support, and providing it to the govt. is non-sensical. But the real irony is that businesses have already suffered and will continue to suffer until there is incentive for more job creation. Are there any companies (other than GE) that haven't seen declines in revenue and needed to cut costs, lay off employees, reduce salaries, etc. Where I work, sales are down significantly and there is no choice but to make a second set of layoffs soon. This is a 30-million-dollar company--definitely above $250K. If taxes or "fees" go up, we are going down. That's a sacrifice beyond logic.