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Hi Arthur,
Could you please delete those quotes.

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Another great point brought up by Arthur is the difference in mindset and belief systems. Self righteous Christian nations seem to believe they are entitled to all the bounty this world has to offer, so it's "onward Christian soldiers" until they reach their goal of making our world, PLANET CHRISTIAN.

I think the bigger question, with a very long view for the western powers that be is: "Do we want our world to be Planet Christian or Planet Islam?" Religion still has great power to control the masses, so naturally it is a very useful tool of governments.

Justin intimated that the Chinese only have their belief in communism to hold them together. This is a very uninformed idea.

The Chinese are held together by Tradition, community, family and scrabbling for survival more than anything else. Secondly, they are held together by an amalgamation of religions,
mainly (Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism). The government is just riding shotgun over the roundup and I don't think they are in any danger of losing control of the herd.

The recent riots were more than anything else about scrabbling over turf. Secondly, they were about race. But the powers that be are quick to give the riots religious and political overtones in order to exert control.

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China is not even near to being porcelain. It's much more like tempered steel.
But as Justin points out the Chinese scarecrow gets dragged out of the closet every once in a while to drum up defense spending.

Excellent comparison of US and China, by Arthur Borges, showing who the real bogeyman is, always has been and always will be.

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What a bad choice of words. Entitle:" give a title, right or claim to something." Does Israel have the "Right" to bomb the hell out of Iran and risk throwing this planet into chaos?

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Eventually, all this will lead to war with Iran, probably by November this year.

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Well, we have been "Taking a Bath" for years. Now they are promising "showers" with all their little Typo-0-Dongs? I think the time for appeasement is over. It's time for someone to end the Orwellian nightmare of North Koreans and bring them into the fold of the Empire.