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I just posted it on our Facebook page and Tweeted it:


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It slays me that this is a tax exempt organization - especially in light of the comments I see from people online every other week saying that churches should lose their tax exempt status.

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Interesting - thanks so much. So as TexTaylor stated below, does this mean we'll see food prices come down? It is in my opinion the biggest "statistical scam" EVER to not include food and energy costs in the Cost of Living/CPI calculations.

These two items comprise the BIGGEST chunk of the average person's spending (outside of rent/mortgage). So a family can go from spending $800 on food, gas and utilities to $1,600 over the course of 5 years while the gov't claims inflation is low and under control.

What utter garbage.

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I freely admit I don't know squat about economics, but I'm also confused. Is not inflation caused by the govt printing more and more dollars and injecting them into the economy? Does this not make the value of each dollar decrease? Not being Devil's Advocate here - just looking for an explanation and more detailed reason why we should expect deflation instead of hyper-inflation.



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RIP freedom of speech. It is truly "1984."

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Yeah, we can't win. If we want President Obama out it's because he's black, and if we want Herman Cain in it's just so we don't LOOK like we're racists.

Yes, I'm sure there is some small percentage of people (idiots) that want him out because he's black, but it's his POLICIES that we disagree with - but there's no convincing anyone who defends him of that.


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She didn't mention that because there's a HUGE blockbuster movie coming out in 3 months that doesn't need any actor rocking the political boat: The Avengers.

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Move along, folks, nothing to see here... move along.

But hey, there's no bias in the media - have had multiple Lib friends tell me that.


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You know - I'm really starting to believe that "the fix is in" as Michael Savage says. That this is actually orchestrated. Last time it was weaksauce McCain that gets the nomination, and now it's probably going to be Newt, who has enough issues to bother true Conservatives that we're probably screwed and will end up with Obama for another term.

Lord help us...


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No, there just wouldn't have been any issue. He would have been applauded.