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Oh man - you callin' me out? Come on - I just posted that comment b/c it was topical. I didn't post it maliciously or so that you would write a whole post about it!!


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Fred Wilson says "There's plenty of oxygen [cash] to go around":

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I was going to show up tonight with gift in hand :) (Nov 24, 2008)

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There's Alex, stirring the pot ;)

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I need to talk with Scott but we might be interested in being a test case ( Ping me offline (my name, my company address) and let's talk.

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#1 on your list is confusing since it makes it seem like Howard said to leave the Valley because "the weather sucks" implies that Howard said/implied that the weather in the Valley sucked - but that's completely not what he said.
From the article: "The weather sucks in some of these towns... so your people will actually work instead of bugging out at 5:15 to train for a marathon, triathlon or Ultimate Frisbee." There's a big difference in the interpretation of "the weather sucks" and "the weather sucks in some of these towns... so your people will actually work"!

Also, this is sort of the "Should I go to Harvard or SMU for law school?" debate, isn't it? It's the same arguments:

1. the weather sucks (in Cambridge)
2. you can intern better outside the fishbowl
3. you won’t get lost in the talented-people maze
4. in my experience, other college communities aren’t as pre-occupied with the “Big Six” as Cambridge
5. Academics make great references

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If I had to guess, it's a marketing ploy. They want someone to get your name/phone so that they can later call you with follow-ons. I can see them in the meeting, "If someone is willing to spend $1000+, we want to make sure we can call them later. I know what we can do - we can tell them that they have to call *us* to complete the order!"

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I see that as a big barrier to raising another round since other investors will look at that deal closely and think (1) mgmt was not smart to sign the deal, and (2) the new investor won't want their investment to go towards paying investor A's fees. Perhaps an easy way to ensure a down round...

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I totally agree. I was talking with someone last week about a nightmare situation. Acme Corporation hired Joe Blow as a salesperson and the comp package was like a hockey stick - slow rolling for slow sales but, if you hit this magic number, you could earn over $3mm for helping the company sell something like $25mm over projections. Acme Corp's execs never expected anyone to hit the magic number and thought it was a great carrot...

Of course, Joe Blow hits the number. Acme Corp holds an emergency meeting. "We'll give him $300,000 and change the comp plan. If he doesn't like it, he can leave."

This story doesn't have a happy ending either lol. Joe Blow did accept the number and stayed on. He ran into the exact same situation the following year and Acme Corp again did the exact same thing.