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Well, it looks nice I guess. That was the only good thing about it :P

Actually, the problem is that this particular comic just really doesn't work in video form. It barely works as a comic either but its still better as a Comic because you can at least hear the proper voices when you look at it

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That wasn't very good, there was no setup. No punchline and most of the video is just credits. Also awful Pinkie voice too.

I give it a 3/10.

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Futurama has 4 series finales, and they are literal finales as well. That show kept being canceled and brought back :P

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Maybe when they wrote this they didn't know they were getting a season 6 so just put this here for safety :P

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This is Marble Pie meets S1 Ep1 Fluttershy

It'd be very different if Marble met current Fluttershy

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That isn't going to happen, that is an awful idea anyway.

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I noticed that the first time the episode played, figured it was because the guy recorded the episode off of the screen and had the recorder listen to all system sounds i.e. chat notifications.

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Or, another possibility to consider:

Maybe the next Discord episode will be in the 2nd half of Season 6, so they could air the first half of season 6 in Spring, have another gap in the middle and then it would pretty much be a year from now.

On the bright side least we know Discord is in S6.

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Ratings don't matter :P - at least not on their own, think about it - they sell it to a lot of different countries, iTunes, dvds, plenty of other ways to gauge success than just the discovery family ratings.

Repeat showings on Discovery Family also to consider, not just over this 1 week but over the year.

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Found the killjoy