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Wrong, wrong, wrong - we have already voted to LEAVE - therefore LEAVE should not be on the ballot paper again. The choices should be (1) Theresa May's deal or (2) LEAVE on WTO terms (lazily called No Deal)

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Very helpful reply. I live in a part of the country where immigration is very low (Central Scotland), and this may impact my observation. In spite of the fact that Scotland voted to Remain, 40% of us voted to Leave - and indeed most people I have discussed this with were for Leave. Not one has however mentioned immigration as an issue, but this may be very different in other parts of the country.
But I am still sick of having it rammed down my throat that I voted to Leave because of immigration

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"Thirdly, most Leave voters are primarily immigration voters"
For me, immigration wasn't even a factor, and, furthermore, I do not personally know anyone else for whom it was a factor. It was a matter of being able to trade freely, getting rid of EU red tape and officialdom, and not being subject to an EU government that was not accountable to us.
I am sick of Remainers going on as if immigration was the driving force behind Brexit. It might have been for some, but, in my experience, they must have been a small minority

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If it were possible to isolate the Scots who want to break up the United Kingdom and let them have their own bankrupt country, then your suggestion would be OK. However, the majority of Scots are opposed to independence, and I do not see any merit in punishing the majority because of the insane antics of the minority.
I hope, therefore, that your "them" applies only to the would-be UK wreckers, not the Unionist majority in Scotland

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I thought all this publicity was good for Boris. When he is one of the few senior politicians articulating what most people believe, and the attacks on him are so groundless, he is more and more appearing like a giant among pygmies - or is it Gulliver among the Lilliputians?

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I did not know what the terms meant in the questionnaire, so had to select "Don't know". Nevertheless, I very definitely want out of the Customs Union, and am fast moving to the opinion that "No deal" is going to be, by far, the best option

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The abortion issue can never be put to bed - there are large numbers on both sides for whom this is a question on which they cannot compromise. How can you expect the millions of people in this country who consider abortion to be murder to ever accept that it is an issue that they cannot campaign for?

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Blunderingly incompetent plus sadistically malicious Home Office. This is not news - we have known for decades the Civil Service is dominated by left-leaning Gramscians. They have been gradually throttling our liberties for years

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Many thanks for your excellent advice. It can never go wrong to get one's moral compass checked - it is amazing what you can learn. To someone trying to defend the Guardian, however, the words of an old proverb come to mind "Physician, heal thyself"

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Yes indeed - it seems the biggest crime today is simply to tell the truth - but that is something the Guardian will never be guilty of. The Mail may leave a lot to be desired, but it does not support the fascist left.