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Mlp fim season 5 episode 19: Knight time
Synopsis: Luna, being the princess of the night, knows everything about dreams. She knows how to help a troubled mind of a filly in a horrible nightmare, or help stallions after a hard days work fall into a beautiful slumber. Yet her nightmares are unstoppable. One night, during one of her dreams, a pony dressed in white armour comes to her rescue. At first she dismisses it as a strange dream, but she soon learns the knight in armour is real, and I'll is not as it seems...

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My sister lives in Uganda. She's been there since Spetember helping a group called new hope Uganda, a Christian place where people take in babies for the baby house, children 3-11 for another place, And then a special needs place. My sister works in the Special needs division. She has had a few things going on over there that effected her (one of the babies under her care dying, getting Malaria) but she's coming home in aoctober and then going back in January. I cannot wait to see her! I do miss her though.

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Oh yeah, and Discord can be Celestia

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Luna takes Twilight's place
Scootaloo takes Rainbow Dash's place
Lyra takes Pinkie Pie's place
Sweetie Belle takes Rarity's place
Vinyl Scratch takes Fluttershy's place
Apple Bloom takes AppleJack's place
All of this=best mane six 😄

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Omg this is Sooo funny! Trollestia for the win

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#1-I would like to be a tree

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Larson, you made Canni an Alicorn? Hmm... *thinks*... Of course! I was just thinking what Canni was the princess of. Celestia=Sun, Luna=Moon, Cadence=Love, Twilight=Magic. So, without further ado, I present to you Princess Canni Galacon, Princess of the Biizzzap!

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I want Luna. I want Luna to defeat the villain the escaped form Tartarus. Then Luna can kill Celestia. LIKE A BAUSSSS.

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*turns into Phoenix wright* MAUD POETRY! You shall now attend court for violating rule 99999999999999999992 on EqD. You Maud, bro?