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Josh Brewster is a hoot. He said "the left embraces, or even worse ignores the threat of Muslims."


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Saliou Samb of Reuters Africa wrote in 2011 that Guinea "was turning to Soros because Guinea could not afford to pay international consultants." That seems straightforward enough. It was probably as a result of the aforementioned 15% stake that the Guinean government had in largely unrealized mining contracts.

Mr. Ahlert seems to be flipping out because the government of Guinea, which retained Soros is now investigating Beny Steinmetz, the richest man in Israel, one of the diamond merchants that Mr. Ahlert likes to bring up when vilifying Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as antisemites. Mr. Ahlert leaves out of his analysis that many, most, if not all of the mining magnates are enmeshed or embroiled in bribery and murder scandals over extracting mineral resources in Africa. Through some twists of language, Mr. Ahlert makes the scandal look like it belongs to Soros and not to Steinmetz, the buyer from De Beers of uncut blood diamonds and the financier of the Givati Brigade, e.g. the ground operation in Cast Lead.

Here's a fun picture of Beny Steinmetz chilling out with Elie Wiesel:

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If 2016 is Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, and Marco Rubio vs Joe Biden and Deval Patrick, it sounds like Republicans are planning for another close loss between candidates that nobody cares about. What can be said of people who plan a lackluster disappointment four years ahead of time?

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I find it sickly touching that Frontpage is now adding Catholic disillusionment to its bubbling stew of ressentiment. Why does the 67 year old longshoreman need to know the sex of everybody he passes on the street? Is he shopping? And the people Mr. Flynn pulls out as examples! Maybe he can find people who don't hide out in neolithic walled citadels on the Esplanade and see what they think of life in America.

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I do have a voter ID. It's called a birth certificate. It's on file at the town clerk. If somebody wants it, they can go look it up.

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Is prostituting the child's image on Frontpage helping any?

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Well, aside from having spent a decade in finance and acting as a freelance journalist, I have a degree in political science. Oh yes, and I don't publish anonymously.

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It's impressive that you were able to monitor the voting integrity in four states that aren't even your own state. With jogging sneakers like that, you should run for office.

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Mr. Williams started out reasonably enough in this persuasion piece, but then he got progressively more rash. His argument was still strong at "Much of today’s language usage demonstrates a desire to be nonjudgmental" but then it fell apart at "to accept another’s right to engage in certain peaceable, voluntary behavior doesn’t require moral acceptance or sanction."

Mr. Williams is wrong. If what abounds is peaceable, voluntary behavior, then we really ought to give it our sanction. If what Mr. Williams means by "moral" is that we openly state that we believe our own peaceable and voluntary behavior is superior, and that of others is inferior, so be it, but it does in fact generate ill will to do so. If by moral, Mr. Williams means sanctioned by a deity or by a religious code of ethics, then he is simply trying to inflict his imagination upon other people. In truth, he actually does that as a columnist.

Mr. Williams presents a strong argument at the beginning of his article, but it unravels where he wants to liken gay people to bums, or rapists, or hooligans. He is also being selectively moral when he portrays Clinton as being a liar, but upholds Ken Starr, and by affinity, Ken Duberstein, and Richard Mellon Scaife, at least one of whom is a financial contributor to this website who used to finance the Vince Foster Murder Conspiracy. It seems that Mr. Williams is OK with some kinds of lying.

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While Breitbart's scare movie about Occupy, and all the anti-Communist movies might be fun to get drunk and watch, I don't know if I could stomach all the Israeli "Birth of a Nation" films.