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WRONG!!! We need to ask Whoopie whether or not this is normal in the black south, as dog fighting is, which COMPLETELY exonerated Michael Vick and inner city dog fighting proponents in her eyes. What's the scoop Whoopie??

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Is there any former soldier here that has had extensive experience with both the M4 and the AK-47? If so, what would you recommend as a more reliable, less maintenance requiring weapon? If AK-47, what would be a drawback to having an AK-47? Just curious.

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Good luck in your study. You might try to look up Eric Li in Vancouver, as I infer from your statements you are possibly from Alaska. Spend a week out there, go back 6 months later. However, it is paramount you find a partner. In the lineage of wing chun I worked at for a while, the existence of a partner was paramount in learning to sense your opponents intentions in order to redirect their advance. You can still learn iron palm, the chain punch, forms and kicks fairly well, but you'll only be approaching the style as if with one eye. If you can afford it, a good frame mounted dummy might serve you well in absence of a partner, but of the two, the partner is probably more important. If you're really interested, I can send you a link to a site with palm training bags and wall bags for the chain punch. Otherwise look up Buick Yip on Bing. Descendant of Yip (Ip) Man, and Yip Sing I believe.

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I've read the first few pages of your posts on Intense Debate, and you and I have far more in common than not, so I no longer wish to fan this argument. But I am curious, why take a stand on golf? You might ask the same of me, so I will answer in advance: people that golf are probably more well off than anyone, yet they are the least prepared to fight for it. They rely on the police too much.

Where do you do Wing Chun at?

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You're comparing golf to poetry, calligraphy, and other higher forms of art? Good one!! Why can't you just admit golf is for privileged, sissy-white-collar douche-tards that don't have their priorities straight? They get their cocks off by thinking they're something special because they can make a business deal or talk shop about life down at "the practice." Hey, here's an idea: take your kids to the park, learn how to protect your family in case of a break-in, play chess with your son, or take your daughter out for lunch and just talk to her and give her your full attention so she feels loved and doesn't go looking for it and wind up pregnant at 15? Golf is weak, and it is for the weak. That's why the King of Scotland outlawed it. And the samurai thing? Yeah, let's not forget chump, they walked around with 3 foot razor blades that they'd use to cut your arms off at the elbows if you looked at them cross eyed. The artistic education was to prove they were balanced and to foster cognitive sharpness so that they would be a cultured, intelligent warrior, not just a brute that they considered the mongols to be. So piss off with your 9-iron, or your wedgie, and your yipping caddy that kisses your ass in the hopes of becoming another lazy middle class intellectual with more money than priorities someday. What's golf gonna do for you when oil is 350.00 dollars a barrel b/c Iran has essentially cut off the straits of hormuz and everybody's makin' a run on their banks and looting the grocery shelves? Yeah!! I thought so!!

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1) That flowery-poetry crap only came into significant prominence after the Tokugawa Shogunate, when they had nothing better to do.... even so, their primary raison d'etre was combat.

2) Who says life is meant to be enjoyed? I guess enjoy it when/if you can, but most of the world's population lives in utter squalor. You think they enjoy life?

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You're right... nothing can stop TIGER!!! NOTHING!!! He's one step away from conquering the entire world.... of golf... which is for pussies, old farts, and "athletes" that aren't man enough to play a real sport... I have more respect for race car drivers and horse jockeys... at least they're facing the possibility of serious injury or death...

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Please someone explain to me the appeal of golf, playing or watching, other than for a chance for rich guys and rich-wannabes to cavort together on a sunny day and smooth over business deals and compete without anyone getting hurt. Douche-bags that can't fight their way out of a wet paper bag golf. Real men shoot, box, or do martial arts. Friggin' sissies....

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Take 'em out Bibi!!

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You know, I love my country, but I'm getting to the point that I don't like most of the people in it, or the people running it. The man that had the vision to see what is happening now a year ago, that SHOULD have been elected, would be making contingency plans right now to set their program back 10 years. The man we DID elect, is trying to drink tea with them. We deserve everything we get as a country for electing a lawyer/community organizer as commander in chief in the dire circumstances we now find ourselves in.