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No, she just looks that way.

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Thanks IMCONSERVATIVE. The original 5-0 was a true classic. I didn't think the new show "sucked"; I enjoyed it much more than, frankly, I expected to. However, the rest of your post, starting with "I think the show would have been better," is exactly what I would have posted had you not beat me to it.

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As an adult I've always been creeped out by any monkey, chimp, ape, gorilla, etc. Even the cute and cuddly one on The Beverly Hillbillies. I think it's because of those flying monkeys. I was terrified of them.

Wonder if I am the only one who never knew that the Oz part was in color because when the movie used to be on TV every year all we had was a black and white set. Wow, I am really old.

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OFA members bused in--that says it all!

Just imagine the howling from the MSM if a Tea Party group had pulled this stunt outside an NAACP function.

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LOL, but they are on the intellectual level of the Three Stooges.

The difference is that the Stooges were actually funny; these guys are just stooges.

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Oh, she probably did say Tom Sawyer.

And BTW I love your comment about magical black and magical gay.

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She didn't learn much about her American literature; it's Huck Finn in which Huck runs off with Jim.

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This is supposed to be an update of "The Scarlet Letter"? Quite a twisted update since Hester really did have an affair with Dimmesdale and neither of them would reveal the other's identity until the end.

Fortunately Hawthorne survived that abominable "Scarlet Letter" movie starring Demi Moore, and I imagine he'll survive this one too.

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I had figured out this chick was an airhead, but oh my! I might have to read her book now just for entertainment.

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The reason Hollywood can't recognize that he's disturbed is that he seems perfectly normal to them.