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Hi Wolfshead - i'm just having a brief review of the Jeremy Kyle show (under the 'know thy enemy' theory)
and there's some dumb white bint on there 'going out with' an enricher called ,suprisingly enough, 'mohammed' , who's already kicked her in the stomach causing her to miscarry , and made her strip down to her bra and humiliated her in the middle of a high street . Says all you need to know .

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'CHRISTIAN NAMES' are called that for a reason - no-one called Akmal or Mohammed will EVER be British - as the yanks would say - PERIOD !

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First things first - "BRITISH" & "AKMAL SHAIK" are 3 words that are mutually exclusive - Shaik is as much British as I am Outer Mongolian . Brown & his marxist cabal (and i include flushed-cheeks-cameroon the scrumping schoolboy and the useless Cleggie in that tripartate shower-of-sh1t) would love to claim every third world piece of flotsam & jetsam as British just by virtue of their taking a dump in Heathrow Airport en-route to somewhere else - unfortunately for them , judging by the comments section in EVERY single online paper today , the true Brits are finally starting to open their eyes after their long x-factor induced slumber .

Secondly - where's Browns 'outrage' over Gary McKinnon , Aspergers sufferer , and the demand from our 'boss' country for his extradition - is it perhaps because Gary is white and not one of the 'protected species' ?!?!? Brown and his liberal marxist bleeding heart trash sicken every decent person worldwide .

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Sorry but still laughing at the muzzie lady in high heels !! how very westernised - no wonder she's got her face covered - if hubby saw that i feel stopping the filming of a small rally in Wales would be the least of her worries ...

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Well what can you add to that video ? The capital's lost . It's downtown Mogadishu with an afro-carribean sprinkling for added 'diversity' . That video will send shivers up the spine of every true Brit from Lands End to John O'Groats . If the BNP could use this as their party political pre-election broadcast Nick would stroll into No 10 on the back of the biggest landslide in political history ..

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'very very slowly' isn't good enough - for every 2 children our people have today , the muzzies are having 7 . Do the math . Or rather don't , it's too upsetting ...

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let me tell you this - Blair and that witch WILL have their 'ceaucescu moment' and the country will throw a party . A bit of advice for Sarah Brown - you seem a reasonably decent lady compared to the aforementioned trout - divorce might be the sensible option , and sooner rather than later ...

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think you might mean 22nd october alfred ? the excitement is getting to us all obviously :) !

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this is illegal - and like all 'laws' or 'instructions' emenating from marxists should be completely ignored - get nick and andrew down to Westminster asap with a crew of Sky T.V and international networks and let's see what happens

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they say todays news is tommorows fish 'n chips wrapping - the only difference being i wouldn't contaminate my chips by wrapping them in that cr@p