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...and Helicopter Ben dropping his payload on us all over and over IS a tax, Barry.

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That kid Washington was epic.

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Go ahead and do it, Occutards (I'm done being civil with these ignoramuses) I can watch it go all the way to the SCOTUS and get shot the f down...and then you can get hit with the blame of X million dollars in legal fees (not a dime of which you'll pay of course, taxpayers will fork out the bill). This truly is telling of how few of these folks have actually read our Constitution (that little document that allowed them to protest in the first place), or, more likely, how little respect they have for it.

I propose a tax on OWS rallies for the MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars worth of damage and social costs they've incurred across cities all over the nation. How's that for a new tax, Occutards? I'm thinking something in the range of what you'd like to impose on those that actually create's $100 per person sound? I think that might cover the costs (or prevent you from ever throwing another sheep herding...err, sorry, 'Occupy' rally again). C'mon Occutards, PAY YOUR 'FAIR SHARE'!!!!!

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Trump is right here. You guys are SERIOUSLY kidding yourselves if you think the moralist Santorum could possibly win a general election.

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So WHY did they win the settlement again? Oh I forgot, we gave up on that whole 'reason' thing in this country a long time ago.

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More straw men...ouch.

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"This Blog IS ultra conservative and written mostly for religious people. not subscribing with both or each of these groups automatically label you as a troll."

That's funny, I never get labeled a troll...except by trolls like yourself...and I'm not a conservative...or religious. By the way, give coherence a shot.

"you however, are a washed up, self righteous loser who likes to feel empowered by his profile score.

i bet you brag about your 99p to your trashy old homeless gf's you meet outside starbucks ( as you hogging the free wifi). you're like OWS only with out a cause."

That is what we sane people recognize as straw men...and a massive projection of your own insecurity. See, I knew it! I knew you couldn't wait to tell me all sorts of things about me and my life I wasn't aware of, based solely on your 19 year old genius, wisdom, and of course knowing me personally too, right?

You loser trolls are all exactly the same. You just project what you want to rant against onto anyone who bothers responding to you can make insults and tear down points that were never made by the person you're supposed to be arguing with.

And please, because you're such a troll, and I apparently care sooooooooooo much about my user rating (I couldn't give a f less about it...I've gotten thumbs down bombed like every one of your posts before and been at really is a sad projection that YOU in fact are the one that cares about your stupid rating on this site), why not just create tons of accounts and give every one of my posts a thumbs down? After all, it'll be devastating to me and my trashy homeless girlfriend, right?

You get an A in being a loser...and an A+ at projecting it out to all the world.

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A lot of the GOP would resign if they had any dignity after all of their talk last election cycle. Then again, expecting dignity-real dignity, not proclaimed dignity-from politicians nowadays is simply unrealistic. Many are going to be stuck campaigning on 'he/she would have done worse/will do worst if I wasn't elected/you don't elect me again'. In other words, back to business as usual in Congress.

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I hate to be the one to break it to you, but Romney is just as much of a tool and a Statist as Barry. The difference is he doesn't have the radical roots.

What happened to fighting against Obamacare?

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"he has no principles other then serving his ego and insatiable lust for power ."

as opposed to the current Statist-in-Chief? You're unbelievably pathetic.