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So some random person found her face down in the water? Or her parents found her floating in the water? How long had she been drowning before someone noticed?? Either way she's 4, she shouldn't have been left alone long enough to end up floating anywhere. I hope she makes a full recovery and that whoever was in charge of watching her has a serious wake up call. Keep fighting baby girl, you've got a lot of people praying for you tonight!

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Many breeds of dogs are used for a multitude of service. We see a Great Dane that provides his owner with physical stability if his owner happens to take a wrong step (frailty caused by an accident) and we have quite a few other breeds that come in that are used to alert epileptic or diabetic owners when they are either hypoglycemic or about to seize. While seeing eye dogs are still the most widely thought of, canine service extends far beyond what it used to be.

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We have a multitude of service dogs that come into our clinic. While we have quite a few Labs and Golden Retrievers we also treat a few Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, Pits, and a Great Dane who are licensed and certified service dogs. Any dog can be a service dog given the right training in whatever area it is needed, but they are costly to attain and costly to take care of. I have no doubt that this dog, regardless of breed, was a beloved companion but I'm not sure how he could afford to keep up the preventative care a guide dog (or any dog) would need. I'm very sorry for his loss, I'm sure this man has a rough few days headed his way with the loss of a pet.

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I would just like to say thank you for your post. It really hit home. I'm a 28 year old mom with 3 little girls. I work 20 hours a week, am currently taking 20 summer credits and have 21 Fall credits lined up at a local community college. There are days that I leave before my girls wake up and I get home after they've been put to bed. I currently receive food stamps, housing, TANF, and medical benefits from the sate

Up until about a year ago we were doing fine. My husband worked full time and I went to school at night so we didn't need childcare and we were still able to pay bills. 7 months ago he was laid off and his unemployment is less than a third of what he was making (most of his check was from commission and unemployment didn't take his commission into account when calculating his weekly benefit. We went from being a self sufficient and happy family to being the "loser" welfare family with three state fed children because of something we had no control over. We sold our 2007 Honda for a 1992 Honda so we could pay bills as our state assistance is not enough to cover rent, utilities, diapers, and dog food. We don't have cable or air conditioners and we never eat out. The one thing I refuse to get rid of from my old life is a Coach purse that I drooled over for close to a year before finding it on clearance last winter before the lay off.

I hate using our EBT card because someone always gives me nasty looks. I know that not everyone uses the benefits for what they are meant to be, but there are some of us who are doing everything they can to get ahead. It really sucks that there are so many people who do abuse things like food stamps and cash benefits and make the rest of us look like losers who don't do anything with their lives. I really do wish people would educate themselves on a persons situation before judging them. I've had a hard enough year, I don't need anyone else judging me for the situation I'm in.

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I can see how some people may find the message on the shirt offensive, but my question here is would it still be offensive if it was worn by a 250 lb. straight man? While I agree that the people filing the complaint need to be a little more selective about what they are going to let affect them, perhaps the park needs to be more selective about what they deem offensive. Her shirt has no vulgar words or graphic images, and most children aren't going to be able to read it anyhow so what makes it so offensive? She has an opinion, she's voicing it.

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This is why I'm embarrassed beyond reason to use my EBT card. It makes me feel like a total failure and I always feel like people are going to judge the type of person I am. I work hard, go to school full time, and absolutely do not abuse the system in anyway; however these people make state assistance a joke and embarrassment for those of us who are on it for all the right reasons. I hope these folks get the maximum penalty and are made to repay every stinkin' dime they've stolen, be it through labor, currency, or what have you. I hope they are never able to access the system again and steal from the people who know what the welfare system is in place for and use it appropriately!

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Very well said. After working in the vet field for as many years as I have it's become very apparent that so many irresponsible owners have dogs for all the wrong reasons. Any dog can be an amazing companion, a faithful friend, or a vicious force to be reckoned with. Regardless of breed or size, I've seen way too many pets with irresponsible worthless owners in my time.

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American Bulldogs are much different in size than a standard Bulldog. American BUlldogs are not yet recognized by the American Kennel Club, but they are recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club and their description is as follows:

American Bulldog
Other Names: Old Country Bulldog, Old English White
Height: (Approx.) 18-26 In.
Group: Mastiff
Weight: (Approx.) 60-120 Lbs.
Coat: Smooth & Short
Color: Red Brindle, All Other Brindles, Solid White, Red, Fawn, And Piebald.

Guess this guy was a little on the larger side. Regardless of breed though, I agree with you. This loss is so very sad and could have been easily prevented. NEVER EVER EVER leave a small child (especially a quick moving 1 year old) alone with a large breed dog. They can hurt a child by simply turning around too quick and smacking the kiddo off his/her feet. My condolences to a family that has a very long and hard journey ahead of them.

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That's not what I was saying at all. A few months back a young high school student shot and murdered his parents. I'm not saying that there aren't criminals, I'm not saying that small towns don't have pedophiles or rapists. I was simply stating that you don't hear about stuff like this happening around here very often. It's kind of a shocker to know that it was so close to home. And as far as my neighbors go, I expect them all to be in nursing homes verrrry soon, so I'm sure the worst thing they have in their basement at this point in time is an old walker or an unused vehicle hehehe. Although I could be wrong, I'm sure someone in this town has at least one body in their basement!

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Thumbs up! Fantastically worded!