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I got to eat Annie's "GastRAWnomique" cuisine at Test Kitchen LA. I was in awe. I do so wish I'd know she was here!

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Just a note to all of you who've been such loyal and engaged conversationalists and combatants on this comments engine: After 15 years of producing this show, your humble producer Sarah Spitz is officially signing off. This was a decision I came to on my own, no one is shoving me out the door...But between us, I'll tell you in all sincerity, I hate the way politics is played now. I want our elected officials to do the business the people sent them to Washington, to city councils, to state legislatures, to do. That's not the way they play and I no longer want to be part of the process that perpetuates a broken system. That goes for left, right AND center, I am an equal opportunity disillusionist.

We pre-recorded our end of year programs before Christmas and you'll hear a bye-bye to me from Bob, so before that happened, I wanted to reach out to all of you first. Next year, the person who'll be reading your posts is the new producer, Jeffrey Rogers. Don't give him a hard time!!! Meantime, I do wish all of you a wonderful new year and I hope you'll be especially active and engaged with the show and the blog in the years ahead.


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Matt did the show from another station. Unfortunately their audio line was not a clean one.

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Where's the download?

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Um, your humble producer here with a question: If the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy were supposed to create jobs, where are they now? And how does extending them now make more jobs possible? Maybe we should put this question out on the blog for 9.10 show, since this one has had so very many comments?

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I am so sorry to hear of your loss. And so glad to hear that you received such kind and loving care from Hospice. Thank you for sharing this.

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Fredda and Norine, if you do see this reply send to me at KCRW
Sarah Spitz
1900 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405
I will see if I can get thru to you on your website. Thanks.

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Andrew, please don't get personal like this on the blog. You don't know what people's circumstances are or how hard they have tried to find work. This kind of comment is unnecessarily uncivil and unwelcome on this blog.
-Sarah, producer

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I did not block your posts. You were blocked by our ADMIN staff because you violated terms of use. You chose to use this forum to advance your agenda based on comments made in another medium about someone who isn't even a regular on this show. So if you're trying to provoke some kind of personal slap down on the LRC blog, it's not going to happen. Our webmaster read your comments and made the decision to pull them. Should you continue on this path, you will, in fact, be blocked.

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Speaking of backwards bee keepers, here's a yahoo group you can join, they have a bee hotline and you get posts from them on a regular basis that provides you with a lot of helpful information.