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I disagree, judges do belong on the battlefield. Every patrol outside the wire needs to have at least one lawyer, armed with nothing more than a briefcase. Put them on point and then let them talk their way out of a firefight. That will stop the jihad. We need more hope and change in combat. Kumbaya.

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In the report it is mentioned that the bodies were "mutilated". That probably means that they were beheaded.

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After nearly 14 centuries of Islamic "civilization", the Arabian Peninsula remains one of the most primitive and impoverished regions on the planet. I have lived and traveled there, in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Nowhere on the planet have I encountered a people and culture more devoid of social, political, economic, psychological and ethical merit than the Arab tribes.

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The staple meat of the Palau diet is pork. Pigs are ubiquitous in Palau. Methinks the Uighars will have a very tough time fitting in. The locals will be in no mood for any of their intolerant attitudes either. Catholics make up about 45% of the population, Protestants another 45% and adherents of the traditional polytheistic religion, Modekngei, 10%.

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The military has its own way of dealing with such nonsense. More and more patrols outside the wire (and beyond the eyes and ears of field grade commanders) will be returning with body counts instead of "detainees". At least that is what happened with the Marines in Fallujah & Ramadi, in the Pacific against the Japanese, in Korea against the Chinese and in Vietnam. It's kinda like Las Vegas, what happens outside the wire, stays outside the wire.

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Asked whether he considered the shootings at the recruiting center an act of war, Muhammad said "I didn't know the soldiers personally, but yes, it was an attack of retaliation...

According to the Geneva Conventions military personnel in uniform are legitimate targets in an act of war. So this guy is admitting that he did not commit a crime. He committed an act of war. But because he does not pass the test under the same Geneva Conventions as a lawful combatant, he is by definition an unlawful combatant and is not entitled to treatment as a prisoner of war. The US Supreme Court in fact decided in 1942 that such unlawful combatants may be tried by a military tribunal and executed if found guilty of committing acts of war.

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... and then there is the inconvenient existence of the UNIVERSAL Declaration of Human Rights.

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I too lived in a Muslim country, Saudi Arabia, for five years, as an adult, with my intellectual faculties in a state of full formally educated maturity. I too have respect for the Muslim culture, as I do for any primitive medieval tribal culture. I also have respect for the forces of nature and the instincts of wild predators whose desire to have me for lunch might be fulfilled if I ever fail to keep them in check with fear of pain and death. I'm all for the concept of respect. The Muslim culture is certainly deserving of respect, the kind that our ancestors expressed for it, with the mouths of their cannons.

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Speaking of Photoshop, does anyone here have enough skill with it to show us all what the Temple Mount might look like if the post 6th century structures were to be removed? Just curious.

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At any interreligious affair it seems that one can always count on the Muslim leaders to spew hate and advocacy of violence. Now if only the Pope had the courage to declare a Crusade. Ahh, what we might give for just a wee bit of the good ole days, eh?