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Same. Right now The Mummy is being promoted like any other Tom Cruise movie by going "Look audience come see this movie for Tom Cruise is in it".

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I think DC is in a tougher position then Universal only because the DCU seem to have two different expectations placed upon them and to me they are drastically different things. The first is people want to have a "Dark and Gritty" experience with them such as what Christopher Nolan did with his Batman trilogy and the others want the DCU to lighten up and have a tone more like the MCU.

As I have said in different places I think Warner/DC did the right thing by removing Zack Snyder from overseeing the DCU for his vision of the movies didn't mash up with a lot of the movie going public and hopefully with Geoff Johns they are able to find a new direction that works for them. I think Wonder Woman is going to be the movie to judge that by since Zack Snyder is still attached to Justice League and I think that is a mistake and the trailers confirm that for me.

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I agree with most of your list. The problem I am having is even though the DCU has been sub par so far it has been an interesting train wreck to watch. I have the exact opposite problem with the Marvel movies where they are all starting to feel the same and they are fun to watch, but I don't remember them at all a few days later. I think the last Marvel movie I really enjoyed was the first Guardians movie so I expect to go see the sequel and hope it doesn't feel like all the other Marvel movies.

I don't think I could have put John Wick any better either. It would be interesting to see you do a breakdown of John Wick since it seems you still have a high opinion of it still.

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I have said it in the past and I will continue to say it the biggest problem with the DCU and will continue to damage it until after Wonder Woman and Justice League is that they gave Zack Snyder the same level of authority as Kevin Feige after he screwed up Man of Steel.

After Batman v. Superman they did a course correction with getting Geoff Johns to fill that role of overseeing the DCU, but that won't stop Snyder from destroying Justice League since they went into filming that right after filming stopped on Batman v. Superman and didn't want to replace the director in the middle of filming. I am hoping that it will allow Wonder Woman to be a better movie with Patty Jenkins directing it and at the end reporting to Geoff Johns instead of Zack Snyder.

The reason why I have some hope with Geoff Johns is that the has experience with both the comic side of things and the television side of things for DC and Marvel. He worked on comics for both Marvel and DC while also being part of the team behind Smallville, Arrow, and Flash.

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I wouldn't count on that third party support yet since Nintendo had a lot of publishers talking about how they were going to release games on the Wii-U. That support dropped due to any number of factors, but I bet it probably had to deal mostly with it was costing them more money to port the games to the Wii-U then they were making back in profit.

Of course with that said I am definitely watching the Switch and see how it does go with first and third party support for I didn't buy a Wii-U since it really never had enough games to interest me to justify the purchase, but I still do fire up my Wii while my other consoles collect dust.

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Keeping it honest I donated to your Patreon awhile back and stopped when there was a drought of content. I might subscribe again, but I doubt it will be until there is a bit more of a defined schedule for your projects and maybe not until until there is a change on your overlays for the videos due to the YouTube process making them jump around when there is a moving video which aggravates my motion sickness.

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Part of the problem I find with the comic book movies is people are expecting to see competitors at the same level as Marvel even though they have had multiple years of practice. I don't think people would have been as overjoyed with Ironman if Marvel released that movie after DC perfected their formula as well.

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I think this is the first time I strongly disagree with one of your reviews. The "Big Twist" is where I went from enjoying the movie immensely and going to tell all my friends they should see it to just wanting it to end so I can go find something else to do and to tell everyone not to see the movie while being happy I didn't pay for my ticket.

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Is it just me or "it doesn't suck" seem like a lower recommendation then 3 out of 4 stars? That is one of the reasons why I avoid reviews that give a score for a lot of the time it doesn't seem to match what is presented and why I prefer reviewers that don't use a scoring system for the words speak much louder then a rating.

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What I don't like and it was to be expect was that if you have any problems with this move you are lumped into the group that dislike it because it is an all female cast, but at the same time the people in that group will associate you with the people that are "out to save the world" because you don't hate it because of the recasting.

Frankly I normally keep my opinion to myself, but from everything I have seen in the trailers the humour doesn't look like it will be what I find funny combined with an art direction with the CGI that just seems like it doesn't fit into the movie. The one thing I find funny about this whole internet outrage is that the same group of people that have always said things along the lines of "the trailers always show the best parts" are telling me not to judge this movie by the trailers.