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How did we ever make it this far? With all the dangerous stuff we did, like riding in a child seat on my parents bike, I just don't see how the human race isn't extinct by now.

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Criminals don't like the cold. Also, in Canada, citizens are allowed to defend themselves with guns (not as well as the U.S. though)... Criminals don't like an armed citizenry. In Mexico, all guns are ILLEGAL ~ see how well that is working out for them? So next time your city mayor proposes a city-wide gun ban, just look south to the border for proof of its success.

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I spent a month in Mexico backpacking back in the early 90's. At that time, the border cities were pretty sketchy, but once you got 30 miles in, it was fine. A great culture. Nowadays, I wouldn't even enter that country ~ I mean 30,000+ dead in just a couple years... and we want to bring those people up here and integrate them into the melting pot?

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Maybe they plan to kidnap Santa Claus!

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Umm.. Hat = DNA... Hello? This should be an open/shut case

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The Libertarian party already voted to not accept her as a candidate because of her voted record.

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Yea. Salaries are huge in this state. Cops making mid-6 figures... get real. There is plenty of money, problem is it is going to the wrong place. Cops are there to serve and protect - not serve themselves up for seconds, thirds, and fourths.

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He only got 10 years, because the victim was old and already past his "expiration date". In reality, he helped the guy out.

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Well, the democrat party can't remember the name of their candidate. She might be able to just step right in with them.

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What about gymnastics? If you are 18 when you start you are already too old? Should we set a minimal age for gymnastics to be 18? Because I guarantee doing flips 20 feet in the air is hellishly dangerous. Most Olympiads are 15'ish.