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I'm sure I'm not the first person to express this sentiment (god, I HOPE not), but whatever.

The only thing about this that really, really bothers me are the people who are directing their ire at the ones actually making the show. I thought it was pretty obvious from the outset that this is almost certainly one of those mandates handed down to them from higher up, considering that the official announcement had one page about the change and four about the related new toy lines. They were handed a plot point that they likely knew wouldn't go over well with our demographic and simply had to do the best they could with it. Only time will tell how that part turned out.

Bottom line, the people that make the show are probably the ones who LEAST deserve to be attacked over it. (Well, other than Lauren, which I've actually seen some people do. What? That doesn't even make sense at this point.)

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#16 Don't forget to shoot Blackjack while you're there. It's good luck.

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That chart is missing "triple check the chart to make sure we didn't miss anything when we double checked the chart".

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Cherry Bomb didn't come out until the day after voting started, so PARTY had a head start on voting. That's my guess, at least.

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Wow, Fluttershy really IS the best one. She hits nearly as hard as Applejack, doesn't have to turn around to hit, can fly, AND she's yellow!

edit: Sadly, there doesn't appear to be anything for finishing it with all of them :(

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Dang, I was hoping this was the other Want It, Need It.

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Hey, it's Amnesia Dash! Hi, Amnesia Dash! Go wash your mouth out with soap!

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I have yet to see a full version of the FiW panel too, though there's a six minute excerpt of the live showing on youtube. Did I miss that being posted somewhere?

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That's what she said. She was talking about something else, though. À la recherche du temps perdu, if memory serves.

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Rampage > Littlepip