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Being female, and looking back at all of the girly shows I grew up with, I HATE how they ALWAYS have to try and hook up the female characters with some dude. It gives young girls, like myself back then, the idea that they have to be with a guy. This is one of the reasons why I adored MLP and wished I saw this show as a kid.

Adding Flash in puts a damper on that. If he was more than some cardboard cutout "love interest" that some executive wanted to force onto the studio to sell toys, that would be okay, but since he's not...

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*sings* What is this place, filled with so many game references~

Call me nuts, but I don't really like all the game crossovers, because they all go over my head. Pokemon is the only exception and that's because I actually played the games as a kid. I'm just not that much of a gamer...well, more like I avoid them because I know what happens when I get into them. (Soooooo many lost hours and nothing productive gets done...)

But I know game crossovers have it's fans, just like how I'm more interested in seeing ponies crossed over with other cartoons, anime, and Doctor Who. Least those are references I can get, and guilty of making myself.

Like that Gravity Falls crossover I just finished writing about everyone's favorite chaos gods....ok, I'll shut up now.

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Gravity Falls crossovers can be a lot of fun when done right. I have a personal head cannon that Discord and Bill know each other.

*shameless plug* I even recently finished a fanfic centered around those two.

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I would totally wear some of these leggings, they look lovely! I don't usually wear skirts, but I would wear one just to compliment with these

But $80??!?! Hell no! I don't have that kind of money.

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Boom too, before they lost thier license to publish Disney comics. I've picked up some of the trades. I really liked Double Duck, but I'm having trouble finding the 2nd volume. They where also working on new material, so it's very possible IDW will do the same down the line. But yeah, once I catch up on my backlog of comics I need to finish, I'll definately look into the stuff has IDW put out. Hopefully they will be doing trades. (Easier for me to collect.)

Joe Books is another company to keep an eye on. The guys who worked on the Darkwing Duck comic have said they really want to start it up again, and if/when that finally happens, it will be through Joe Books. They also said there's some other possible comics in the pipeline awaiting the green light from Disney. Fingers crossed!

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Lately I've been reading the stuff by Carl Barks and Don Rosa, that should count....right? Really enjoying them.

I have been wanting to try more of the Italian comics, but it's not easy to find English translations, since I don't know Italian and all.

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I recognized that art style anywhere, I've been following both James Silvani and Amy Mebberson before I was even a pony fan...well, Friendship is Magic pony, I mean (G1 fan). I met them at Emerald City Comicon, I really enjoyed talking with them (same goes for many of the other artists mentioned here). I actually commissioned some pieces from both during ECC. James was obviously something Darkwing related (being a big Darkwing fan and all). As for Amy, Jessie from Toy Story riding Applejack, it was adorable! (it's somewhere on her tumblr) I'm now glad I commissioned a piece from her when I did (as I dunno if she can do commissions now working for Hasbro). Those figures are absolutely adorable! Way cuter than those ugly dolls. Ick. I'm so buying a set of those! Makes me even more thrilled to know Amy helped design them!

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You show check out the Darkwing Duck comic series. Silvani did a phenomenal job with the art on it! Both he and the writer for it did a fantastic job capturing the charm of the original series. They love Disney in general, so I'd like to see them try and make something else down the line (especially since the Darkwing comic is now on hold due to the upcoming Ducktales reboot).

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They have every right to be sad.

I noticed the earlier batches of Funrise plush looked pretty good. But the newer ones are really cheap, and pretty bad. The newer ones use cheaper polyester material for the bodies, the same stuff they use for their manes (before it was this nice soft plush material). And where before thier bodies where consistently shaped, now? Not so much, they look so...derped. These frowns are further proof.

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Hence "really hardcore".