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Does anybody know how I can de register from this site.
Seriously I have had my fill of politics for a lifetime . This is a serious request.
Thank you and good luck all of you for the future.

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And if not, do not support the candidate and it might go against the grain " withdraw your labour".
Do not assist in campaigning and leave the candidate to pound the streets on his/ her own.
If you assist in the campaign and they are reelected , you will have to suck it up as you have only yourselves to blame.

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This government does " managed decline" of all public services.
It is only interested with " investment " when it benefits party donors, securing a non executive role or if the cabinet minister secures a board post.
This and previous governments have very little interest in our futures and securing our health, education and security are an expensive distraction from virtue signalling and future pension plans ( their pension plans) .
Expect more hot air and future cuts to ALL services.

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I like to think that " money" put into health, education and the armed forces is an investment in myself, my family and society.
Your view probably explains why the majority of society do not vote Tory. I gave up on the party when that abomination Osborne became the chancellor and enjoyed cutting to much. No doubt the same pleasure you experienced when you saved " money".

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You have got to laugh at these headless chickens.
The armed forces are a reflection of every public service in this useless government. They have been starved of investment, the personnel have been asked to do more with less and leaders whose forward planning does not extend beyond the weekend.
This government is always looking to blame anybody but themselves. Put them on an oil tanker and set them adrift in the straights., hopefully the Iranians can find a use for them.

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Yes, much worse. I for one , pray that it does. This party and labour party have ruined this country and have neither the courage or ideas to turn it around.
Identity politics, crony capitalism and socially liberal policies have wasted capital and precious time in sorting out real issues.
If the party does, so be it. It brought it on itself.

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Amber Rudd and her " socially liberal" chums are part of the problem. The middle ground has had its day and society is moving into their own polarised camps.
We have had middle ground politics for 30 years+ and imho it has failed. Brexit is the perfect example of trying to find the much sort after " middle ground".
Time for a change , even if it proves painful for some.

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Agreed + 1

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Tony .
I struggle to think of one good thing either of these parties have done in the past 20 years. As sure as night follows day , the new PM will feel the need to make his mark and it will either cost a fortune, be incompetently implemented or both.
It's like a dog entering a new area and spraying everywhere just to let you know they have arrived.
I am sick to the back teeth of them robbing us blind and making themselves and their friends/donors rich. Rant over.

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In all honesty, I would love to see the parties ( labour and Tories) destruction.
This country has withered on the vine due to these cancerous entities. They have undone good ideas just out of blind doctrine and for me as an ex public servant, the Tory party has religiously gone about destroying public service for profit.
Let them die and let's see what happens.