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Odd, Idid copy the Version data from my System Info Screen. Sorry about that!

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I am not running Firebug. I have IE8 (Version8.0.6001.18702IC)and MSWindows XP Home Edition (Version5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600). Hope that helps!

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Hi Will, so it looks as though I am unable to vote. If, as you indicate, I should receive the results page after clicking on VOTE, then I am unable to vote. Just an FYI in case you get other reports of this. Yes, there is no roll over, but also no properties are displayed and when I attempt to click on it, nothing happens.

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We have just about the same routine. Except, since my husband prefers German Lagers, we have a beverage at Gluntz's Bavarian Haus or Resi's (both near Irving & Lincoln). Trader Joes - Yes. We stop at Binnys rather than Sam's (maybe we need to rethink that...). Then, I had not heard of Valli Produce, which I just looked at on the web. Sounds terrific and we can't wait to check it out! We had typically been scouring Whole Foods for deals and stocking up! Have you been to Mertz Apothocary on Lincoln Square. This place would tickle your fancy if you were into European beauty and health products of all sorts - fabulous selection and lovely little store on a quaint square! Oh, yes, we also get in an Indian fix at Gaylords (Schaumburg or downtown)! I think a July trip is in store!

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Ion Seed Exchange in North Eastern Iowa (which sells great prairie plant plugs) also has lodging. I had a brochure in the past, but they do have a web-page: It looks quite nice. Not sure about the proximity to water though. Great drive to get up there and you can hit many of Heather's sites on the way up.

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I totally agree. We need a great beer place here in town (draft beer). I can get bottles anywhere, but that doesn't compete with a great draft (not to mention cool atmosphere, music, etc.). John's is great! The best prices we have found on the beer is at Hy-Vee in Rock Island, IL (beats Chicago & St. Louis and it is much closer).

For pizza though, I need wine. We would go to Revelations more if they served wine.

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This is so cool! We were driving to Chicago on Saturday afternoon and passed Cho on the 92/61 about 15 miles out of Muscatine. We saw the Korean flag and wondered what the story was! Thanks for sharing!

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I actually went down the same path with the tea in the French Press...

I didn't say I like the other beans better. But, they are moe economical for daily use. Cafe P is clearly the best!

Might try the cream route because, in my case, it would froth better and the amount is just right (and tasty too)! Thanks!

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I didn't activate most of the "features" it came with, which I am sure I will hate. Since I downloaded it, my connectivity has been degraded.

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OK, I feel better now. I couldn't imagine that no place in Seattle had exposed you to this - even if you did not make it yourself - because most coffee shops will stiwll make French Press upon request (even Starbucks I believe). Also, in the 90's, in many other cities, it was a requirement to own a French Press (everyone bought one), but I think few actually used them. Personally, I never enjoyed the coffee I made that way.

I prefer espresso and we enjoy our small espresso machine very much! It is a 12 x 12 size and looks sharp (DeLonghi).

I love beans from Cafe Paradiso. But, they are quite expensive for daily use. I have a different favorite bean in town....

About milk, we use very little milk when making our espresso, we don't have a child and we don't just drink milk. So, we find that Radiance Dairy goes bad far too quickly for us to buy it. I wish it came in pints!