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There are some answers the world is not yet ready for... O___O

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Well my goodness!

I never expected to do as well as I did - there was some stiff competition, and the high-ups deserve it well! ^__^

Special props to my writing buddy Patchwork; she earned her awesome placing! : )

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Yup... looks like I picked a bad day to update! ^_^;

Srsly though, congrats to Jetfire on all the buzz, and on returning to the ol' word-forge. : )

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I am NOT on board with this analysis.

Discord is the only character who engages in out-and-out mind control in the series -- and thus the only threat to free will.

Ponies don't rob others of agency; they just enforce consequences for others' actions.

Murder is illegal where I live, but it doesn't mean people are magically prevented from killing by some geas. It means that there are consequences if you do whatever you please.

The Reformation spell angle is indeed a shaky one, but we can't know the full circumstances. Discord could well be "broken" from his natural state the same way Luna was while she was Nightmare Moon.

Discord used his free will to be wantonly cruel, to ignore the desires of others and to indulge in trickery, manipulation, deceit, sadism and mental violation. And he got a smackdown for it.

If you punch someone and you get punched back, you aren't being robbed of your free will. You're just a jerk who suffered consequences of his actions.

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Your comment kind of mystifies me, since you seem to be ignoring that the Smooze is more than just a mud puddle.

The Smooze INDUCES the collapse. It pours in pain and despair and horror until the victims can't even summon up the will to MOVE, let alone save one another. This was established in CHAPTER ONE, and every chapter since.

Pinkie is able - just BARELY able - to function while Smoozed because of the Element of Laughter, and her own experience with enduring dark feelings. But she is half-mad from the agony of resisting the Smooze's effects. She isn't traumatized - she's spiritually POISONED. And she is STILL retrieving her friends and heading for the most powerful source of rescue she can think of: the Princesses.

Neither Pinkie, nor Fluttershy, nor Rarity, nor any of the Smoozed backgrounders are actually displaying the traumatic collapse you are talking about. The Smooze is what's making them fall down. That's what it does to Ponies in its current incarnation. Understand?

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"Scootaloo was originally supposed to get in a lot of schoolyard fights over not being able to fly."
I love it when my fanon/fic theories get semi-official support. : D

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Hoooo boy. This positively REEKS of potential Villain Decay.

Discord was portrayed, while prone to whimsy, as an absolutely apocalyptic threat. The last time he ruled, conditions were represented as Ponies screaming as they dangled over a fire. And the last time he tried, he turned the world into a demented carnival and violated the Mane Six and others in a way that was hard to describe as anything other than Mind Rape.

As a representative and bringer of shattered unity, broken friendship, chaos, disharmony, mayhem, and strife, he was the closest thing to a Devil the series has had so far.

I really, REALLY hope they don't suggest he just needs a little love and tolerance.

He knew EXACTLY what he was doing before. He knew how utterly he broke Twilight's naive little heart... and he loved it.

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That 'expense' involved brainwashing others into betraying their deepest beliefs and turning on one another, through a ruse calling on the icons that represent their very identity.

He might as well have used a false vision of the Virgin Mary to make a priest burn down a church.

....Yeah. Goofball. O___O

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It's cause they made you stop smoking Witch-Weed when you got the Academy gig, isn't it? Less laid back, less hoarse... : P