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The Dagger jets supplied to Argentina during the Falklands War "to kill the English" (Menachem Begin), the Israeli secret service attempt to kidnap someone from British soil, the Israeli secret service handing out forged British passports to assassins....

I struggle to think of a single friendly act by Israel towards Britain.

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In my 25 years in the civil service, what 'reform' means is that we all have to fill in a 28-page form applying for our own jobs, all the senior people retire, all the best junior people leave and everyone else gets moved into a job they aren't familiar with. It'll be form-filling for me this time - a bit too young to retire, a bit too old to change careers - but by the time of the next 'reforms' I'll probably be old enough to bail.

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I don't believe the British public give a stuff about immigrants who arrive and work, start businesses and contribute to British society.

If we've got the chance to take in 3 million educated, tech-savvy first-world citizens then we should roll out the welcome mat and take as many as we can, all three million if possible. Pay their air fares if necessary.

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"The private sector’s ability to drive efficiencies and meet consumer demand."

Ah, the good old private sector. Anyone remember the NHS IT project? The government picked a top private sector manager to lead it and let him name his team. Even after a £750k pay cut he was still the highest paid government official by far. The place was rapidly overrun with expensive consultants, also from the private sector. I remember an after work drink session where one of them let the entire party of 20+ people drink on his tab all evening. I'd never even met him before! Government lawyers were suddenly not good enough and a private legal firm was hired at a cost of £40k+. Ultimately the project didn't achieve a great deal but cost £10bn.

I could only stand there, slack jawed in inefficient public sector amazement, at the sheer waste.

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And what if we went through with this whole federalist approach and at the end of it Scotland still wanted to leave? I’d like the UK to stay together, but not at the price of Balkanising England!

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Of course they’ll be reimbursed for it. If the market price of a medicine varies a lot from the tariff, pharmacists’ representatives ask the DH for a special price. This is how it works all the time, not just during epidemics. It’s also worth noting that market forces mean that pharmacists might just as easily be able to purchase medicines at a price cheaper than the tariff price.

If you go to this website you can see the special prices that have been applied, going back a few years.

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Pharmacists get reimbursed for NHS prescriptions at the rate set out in the drug tariff, but because they are private businesses they have to buy their stock at the market rate. When things like this occur the Department of Health can apply a special temporary price above the tariff rate to a medicine, so pharmacists don’t lose out.

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Teddy Roosevelt gave his 9 year old son a pet badger. Teddy’s attitude towards animals seems to have been either to kill them or invite them into his family.

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Was it Harding who used to piss in the fireplace in the Oval Office?

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It's interesting how 'un-grand' a figure the President used to be. I read General William Sherman's autobiography in which he describes visiting Washington as a junior officer. He mentions that he called in to see the President while he was there with no more fanfare than he would describe a trip to the shops, as though US Army second lieutenants wandered into the White House every day.