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Civil servants are at work. I've worked from home since 16/3/20.

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I do think that some of these advisors really need to be reined in. I was astonished to read that some SAGE bloke took it upon himself to immediately contradict something a Minister had said on TV this morning. As a 25-year civil servant, it has always been very clear to me that it's 'advisors advise, Ministers decide'.

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Well, it turns out I'm in tier 3, so even the solitary 'Billy no mates' pint is out. I may as well cancel my Christmas leave - there's nothing to do, nobody to see and nothing to celebrate!

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As I live alone and have no close family, I'm used to spending Christmas alone, so it doesn't bother me too much. However, not being able to meet my friends for a drink in the pub does. If, as I expect, my area ends up in tier 2, I won't even be able to enjoy the semi-social experience of going to the pub by myself to have a couple of pints and read my book without forking out for a 'substantial meal'. Assuming my local pub even bothers reopening, that is.

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Biden has made it clear that he's no friend of Britain. Why should we be a friend to him? What does it gain us? The opportunity for more of our soldiers to get their legs blown off in another endless war?

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Perhaps he could ask the Irish armed forces to help out when the US next needs a multilateral fig leaf for a military adventure.

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A dismal show. For those with an interest in American history, this was less like the Abraham Lincoln-Stephen Douglas debates of 1858 and more like the Galusha Grow vs Lawrence Keitt all-in brawl in Congress of the same year.

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There are some genuine policy SpAds, but in my (pretty long) experience, many have been think-tank/party activist types for whom the role is primarily a sort of paid internship for a future MP candidacy.

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How and in what way is Israel an 'ally' of Britain? I struggle to think of a single friendly act by Israel towards Britain. Nor have I ever had the impression that Israelis like British people or vice versa.

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I worked in 2018/19 on the repatriation of one of the powers (won't say which) from the EU. The UK and devolved administrations worked pretty closely together to do it with the end result that the powers were devolved.

I don't see the point of giving the DAs a grievance by trying to impose a central UK framework on them, because there were, and are, obvious reasons why the DAs wouldn't wish to exercise the powers in a way that created a potentially expensive divergence from the UK as a whole.

The UK government could simply say "You've got the rope. Hang yourselves with it if you want to."