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A dismal show. For those with an interest in American history, this was less like the Abraham Lincoln-Stephen Douglas debates of 1858 and more like the Galusha Grow vs Lawrence Keitt all-in brawl in Congress of the same year.

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There are some genuine policy SpAds, but in my (pretty long) experience, many have been think-tank/party activist types for whom the role is primarily a sort of paid internship for a future MP candidacy.

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How and in what way is Israel an 'ally' of Britain? I struggle to think of a single friendly act by Israel towards Britain. Nor have I ever had the impression that Israelis like British people or vice versa.

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I worked in 2018/19 on the repatriation of one of the powers (won't say which) from the EU. The UK and devolved administrations worked pretty closely together to do it with the end result that the powers were devolved.

I don't see the point of giving the DAs a grievance by trying to impose a central UK framework on them, because there were, and are, obvious reasons why the DAs wouldn't wish to exercise the powers in a way that created a potentially expensive divergence from the UK as a whole.

The UK government could simply say "You've got the rope. Hang yourselves with it if you want to."

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As a Civil Servant, I've been 'WFH' since 16 March and have come to enjoy some aspects of it. I'm definitely more productive and less stressed without the commute, but I'm also conscious that a lot of the little bars, shops etc. that I used to visit in Leeds for my lunch or a drink after work are now hurting, if they are still there at all. And if we don't get back into cities soon, it'll be these small independent places that go to the wall first, rather than the big chains.

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It is completely inexplicable that a serial incompetent like Grayling could be considered for this role and it was absolutely right to prevent him from getting it. The national interest counts for more than party loyalty.

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The Dagger jets supplied to Argentina during the Falklands War "to kill the English" (Menachem Begin), the Israeli secret service attempt to kidnap someone from British soil, the Israeli secret service handing out forged British passports to assassins....

I struggle to think of a single friendly act by Israel towards Britain.

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In my 25 years in the civil service, what 'reform' means is that we all have to fill in a 28-page form applying for our own jobs, all the senior people retire, all the best junior people leave and everyone else gets moved into a job they aren't familiar with. It'll be form-filling for me this time - a bit too young to retire, a bit too old to change careers - but by the time of the next 'reforms' I'll probably be old enough to bail.

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I don't believe the British public give a stuff about immigrants who arrive and work, start businesses and contribute to British society.

If we've got the chance to take in 3 million educated, tech-savvy first-world citizens then we should roll out the welcome mat and take as many as we can, all three million if possible. Pay their air fares if necessary.

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"The private sector’s ability to drive efficiencies and meet consumer demand."

Ah, the good old private sector. Anyone remember the NHS IT project? The government picked a top private sector manager to lead it and let him name his team. Even after a £750k pay cut he was still the highest paid government official by far. The place was rapidly overrun with expensive consultants, also from the private sector. I remember an after work drink session where one of them let the entire party of 20+ people drink on his tab all evening. I'd never even met him before! Government lawyers were suddenly not good enough and a private legal firm was hired at a cost of £40k+. Ultimately the project didn't achieve a great deal but cost £10bn.

I could only stand there, slack jawed in inefficient public sector amazement, at the sheer waste.