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Needs a hoverround.

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Like Dubya, I get the feeling that this woman expresses herself WITH GREAT EMPHATIC CAPITALIZATION because that's how the world is explained to her.

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These people want to secede from the United States. And the problem is...?

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No, but the next best thing: I can't tell you how many times you'll see Brazilian guys grabbing their junk in public.

I find it rather entertaining. Your results may vary.

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As a gringo who speaks a tiny bit of Portuguese, I'm as confused as anybody else by this Brazilian invasion.

For the record, "kkkkkkkk" translates in Portuguese texting, internet etc. as "hahahahahhahaha".

Oi gente! Bemvindo, mais por favor nao abusa a nossa website.

Carry on.

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Hell, there's 3-4 of the damn things parked in the Missouri. Not to count the dog tracks, etc. etc.

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It's hard to believe sometimes that Iowa had honest-to-god Socialistic farming collectives (well, "farming cooperatives") up until the 1970's.

And Council Bluffs is a very special place indeed. Sort of a smaller white Detroit.

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You sound like you know my you know the awesome $5M footbridge they built that starts in downtown Omaha and leads on the CB side to an open swamp?

Deeply weird place, Council Bluffs.

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Difference is that I'd fuck Hank.

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The change in lighting and the movement of her "shopping" bags leads me to one conclusion: she's hitting every Kmart in Southern Cali & cleaning out their Sudafed supply. QED, bitch.