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So 'John Carter' is the third most anticipated film of 2012 according to your [admittedly unscientific] poll? It would seem that ERB still has legions of fans who've been waiting for a movie version of his other franchise series [I definitely number myself among them].


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I have to say that Firefly should in no way be described as a misfire - the only misfire was Fox's handling of the show.

And speaking of y cult movies, let's not forget Slither, James gunn's affectionate poke at alien invasion movies [among a host of other things...].

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The Fountain of Youth strongly resembles the gate to time that appeared in Star Trek: TOS' episode 'The City on the Edge of Forever.'

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Part 4:

The Secret Circle strikes me as having more potential than The Vampire Diaries [which just got silly in season two], but it could go sideways all too easily. Good looking cast, though.

A Gifted Man only piqued my interest because of Patrick Wilson's involvement. He hasn't really done too many dogs. Here's hoping he's picked a quality project yet again.

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Part 3:

The cast [Michael Emerson! Jim Caviezel!], Writer [Jonathan Nolan!] and producer [J.J. Abrams!] have me thinking Person of Interest will be worth my time - and the premise looks like a fresh twist on the crime prevention tropes of Minority Report and Early Edition [like you said]. I have yet to see the pilot and the trailer you posted here wouldn't work for me [I'm in Canada: most of the trailers didn't work for me], but the creative team and cast can't help but grab my interest.

The Terra Nova trailer looks interesting, but also too reminiscent of things I've seen before. The idea of the father [Jason O'Mara] having a secret adds a little something extra and the casting of Stephen Lang is always welcome news. I'll reserve judgment until I can see the full pilot.

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Part 2:

I haven't decided if I prefer Grimm [I've only seen the trailer] or Once Upon a Time [enjoyed the pilot]. Grimm, if the trailer is a real indication, does feel more like Fables, but Once Upon a Time mixes seemingly conflicted worlds and uses Jennifer Morrison's Emma Swann to bring them together. Grimm seems smaller, darker and twistier; Once Upon a Time seems grander and more ambitious. Of course, when a show is as ambitious as Once Upon a Time, it's all too easy to go off the rails.

Awake also strikes me as being one of the good ones. Love the premise [and we thought Inception was intricate!]. I'll give anything with Jason Clarke a look, but since this seems smarter and deeper than anything else on the fall schedule, I'm expecting a lot from it.

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Part One:

Of the pilots that I've seen, The River is the most purely involving - probably due to the combination of interesting premise, interesting characters and the documentary style.

Alcartaz would be second though its pacing might be slow for a lot of viewers. I like the chemistry between Neill, Garcia and Jones. I have to say, though, Garcia's Dr. Soto character may enjoy comics, but he's not a comics geek - he's a PhD who is the foremost expert on Alcatraz in the U.S. Also cool is that Neill's shady government acency op is not a very nice guy. Makes him much more interesting - and Neill gives him a lot more depth than there was on the page.

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'Fear me. I've killed hundreds of Timelords,' intones a sinister voice.

'Fear me. I killed them all,' whispers The Doctor.

Oh, yeah! Things are going to get intense!

Can't wait!

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Oddly enough, though I completely understand where Amy is coming from, I would have no problem with Firefly returning sans Wash and Book. They were written out by Whedon and any continuation of the show would have to acknowledge that in going forward. That said, it would be important that their loss have a lasting impact on the remaining characters [it would be especially fitting if, after Zoe, Wash's death had the most impact on Jayne... just saying].

If I could afford to pour big bucks into bringing the show back - and the remaining original cast members and the original writers were able to get together - I'd be willing to go there because it would be interesting to see how Serenity's crew were doing after a period of years.

If it was even half as good as the original run - and the big damn movie - it would still be better than 90% per cent of what's on TV right now.

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What Brett said!