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135 pages of Violet and Jessie arguing about who is the best while Henry is off doing Man Things and Benny plays with Watch and keeps screwing something up.

15 pages of Grandpa Alder determining that Violet and Jessie are Both the Best, 5 pages of dinner, and then the rest of the book is a checklist for Boxcar Children books in print (never a comprehensive list).

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They just kept finding Encyclopedia Brown's rejected mysteries.

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If I remember my childhood correctly, Violet is the best, but looking at it now Jessie could also be the best.

Maybe they were both the best, and I should re-read the books to solve this mystery.

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The mystery stuff started to creep in the next couple of books (Surprise Island and The Yellow House Mystery), which were published 20+ years after the original book was published. So, probably.

The books REALLY went off the rails when Scholastic reprinted them and then got ghost writers to write an infinite series of books with increasingly ludicrous mysteries, so Warner's original books (the first 18 or 19 I believe) got drowned out for formulaic mystery solving with the kids.

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You are sent to pick up lunches for your entire office, and you keep a record of what everyone wants with a small number of interdependent and self-referential notes (at least one person is never mentioned in any of these notes). If any two people want at least one similar thing to each other, your entire system breaks down and you curl into a ball on the floor, realizing too late that you have been making your notes with a pen.

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I came here to post Utena but with "squat thrusts" and "Stairmaster 5000" for the weightlifting part.

Noriko Takaya, Gunbuster

Influence on queer identity: fighting hard against impossible odds, unwavering faith in the women you admire, extremely 80s headband and leotard
Weightlifting inspiration: 10km jogs in iron sandals, every weightlifting routine ever but in a robot