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I wish my family insurance was only $300 a month. I would have an extra $250 a month to spend on all the hospital and doctor bills we owe. We did not have insurance when my husband had cancer surgery and we still owe $16,000 of the original $36,000. We always had insurance for forty years, always paid our premiums but now the youth of America want a new vehicle to drive and the government to pay for their newborns. His cancer came when we were without insurance for one year. We are paying dearly for that one year lapse. We do not own new vehicles they are all over 13 years old. We do not own a big screen tV. We do not owe $10,000 in credit card debt. And I am still happy to be a part of a great country and I am proud to have reared my two grandchildren.

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Yes, I am aware doctors now tell parents not to give their children honey, and it is a good thing my dad and mom were unware of the knowledge because they fed all of us natural honey as Dad had his own Apiaries and lets see, I think there were eleven of us. I wonder how many times the Bible uses the word Honey?
Does anyone know the answer?

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Worried about the flu outbreak, start eating local honey, not the stuff sold in the stores. Natural honey will kill bacteria. In WWI one company commander gave all his men, at his expense, a small amount of Rum each day. None of his men came down with the flu. My father had to carry bodies away in WWI while in France, healthy men died within hours after coming down with the "Spanish Flu" - If I remember correctly, Rum is made different now . Use honey as a natural preventive, but if you become ill take medication.

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My husband came to America in 1999 from Australia, we married and paid for all the necessary INS paperwork for him to become a Permanent Resident (it is expensive). He was entitled to no type of government assistance until he had been in the states for ten years. I had to prove I could take care of him financially, if necessary. He has worked for the entire ten years here in America. Because of his cancer three years ago we have not filed the paperwork or the money for him to become a full citizen. It always puzzles me how so many are taking advantage of America, where are they being taught to abuse the system? Is this being done to weaken our system? i love America, and so much saddens me. A goverment should regulate to keep banks, credit companies, insurance companies, and businesses in line, not take them over. If you have never been to an INS office it is run like the military, sit down, shut up and don't speak unless asked a question.

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Thank you for expressing my feelings. I do feel for the younger generation as so many seem to have their heads buried in the sand.

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I will be praying for his family and America. If we all pray HE can bring everything into the light.

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You responded to my remark about Barry Frank and told me to go read a newspaper. In 1991 Farnk received an offical reprimand for bringing discredit to the House. Mr. Frank used his office stationary to fix Gobi's 33 parking fines as well as using his letterhead to write a false reference letter to Mr. Gobi's probation officer. Mr. Frank became involved with Herb Moses a high level executive of Fannie Mae who bragged of developing "affordable housing and lending programs" In spite of warnings Mr. Frank , whose committee oversees Fannie Mae rebuked reforms. "These two entities (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) are not facing any kind of financial crisis..." He is only one of many politicians from both parties in question. Americans have awakened there is nothing like "WAKING A SLEEPING GIANT".

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This will force the gang members to do his bidding, America's miitary will not turn on the American people. I guess they learned not enough people in Acorn to quelch the TEA PARTIES.

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We have all placed people in power that are hungry for money. Many states have become complacent in keeping their headless nails placed in Congress. It is time for all the rusty nails to break, and we, as Americans, must break the hold. Look at Barney Frank's history and he is in power, we allowed this to happen in our beautiful country. I always vote against anyone that has served more than twice because it is time to change the person in control of the oars, I want my boat to remain unemcumbered. But most Americans think, "Oh, well, he's been in power a long time for my state he or she must be doing something good so I'll vote for them again." We can stop this maddness, and we must get involved with our schools. Get involved with our neighbors running for office. Stay involved, I'm as guilty as everyone else about not helping.