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Goodbye, Intense Debate!

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Eeeee, my story is in there! It's "The Magic of Friendship"! Looks like there were way more entires this time than last time, I'll have to check some of these out!!!

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I'm really glad you ended up going through with this! Even though I'm not into SU, it was really sad to hear that what people were saying was making you not want to run the site at all. So I'm really glad you just did what you wanted in the end! I hope it all goes smoothly for you!!!

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Yay, sweet! I've been waiting for this to start up again!!! Time to make some stuff *cracks knuckles*.

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It kind of sounded like YourEnigma's music, he made a lot of Vinyl/Octavia songs with the dubstep and cello together.

Still kinda bummed that Vinyl won't talk, but I think they made the better decision there and we can just keep her fan voice!

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Hoo boy.

I don't really like "cutsey" characters that act kind of ditzy (like Sonata). I thought Coco Pommel was kind of boring and not as good of a character as Suri Polomare. I like most of the characters on the show, but I start to dislike them increasingly the more they are promoted and talked about, I feel like their characters get warped into what the fandom wants and it ruins the characters for me. This also happens with episodes. I love nearly every episode of the show, even the ones that are very unpopular (like Spike at your Service, Mysterious Mare Do Well, etc.).

I really loved the first Equestria Girls movie and thought Sunset Shimmer was an amazing villain, arguably the most successful one on the show so far, and I think the fandom just says she's a bad villain because they don't even want to take the time to understand her because of their blatant dislike for the first movie. I'm disappointed that she became popular after the second movie because I feel like if the fandom didn't even appreciate or even really acknowledge her in the first movie they don't really deserve to say that they love her now. I'm not saying that people had to like her, but she was utterly ignored by nearly the entire fandom and her suddenly becoming popular bugs me. She also got the same kind of treatment as other characters that have become popular in the fandom and it's ruining her as a character and the entire Rainbow Rocks movie for me.

Wewf. Needed to get that off my chest.

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Personally I would like a really sappy episode about the Mane 6. Like there's some kind of disaster and they save the day and then there's a long talk about friendship and how they've changed. I'm a very sappy person and I think that would be great.

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Ugh, my merch has become so scattered that it might be impossible to even find it all for a pic. I'd love to try, though!!!

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Thank you so much!

289 weeks ago @ Equestria Daily - Nightly Discussion #318 · 6 replies · +4 points Hey guys, if anyone would take this poll for me it would be awesome (I need responses for a class)! It's about gender stereotypes, and it should be short to take! Thank you guys a ton!!!