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Glenn Beck does have a point about spending this effort shaping what we are not denigrating who we aren’t. That won’t stop me from having several things to say about Obama, PETA, liberals, etc.
What am I? I am a conservative libertarian. What does that mean? That I know I don’t know it all but I am very sure our government doesn’t either. That I believe in the Constitution of the United States, as written. That I don’t believe it is my business to run your life as long as you can do it without hurting me or anyone else except yourself. That I do believe that it is my business, and no one else’s, to run my own life.
What do I believe in? I believe that the truth, the whole truth, and noting but the truth is the only way to be free. Note that this does not apply when it threatens national security. If the above were followed as a government principle we wouldn’t have bailouts, gun control, global warming, Barney Frank, or Chris Dodd. Governments in general do not like the unvarnished, unedited truth. It hampers what they think is best for you or best for them. Big government thrives on lies. Hides what they do in the dark and night. And most of all makes it virtually impossible for thinking adults to do anything to fix it. Big government becomes ‘THEM’, you can’t find them, you can’t touch them, you can’t stop them, and most of all you can’t reach across the counter and slap them up side the head.
What to do what to do. Be armed with the truth. It doesn’t hurt to be armed with your 2nd amendment right either. Verify the truth. Stand up and present the truth at every opportunity. You will get yelled at, live with it. If enough of us do it they will at least get hoarse then everyone else can hear you better. When you think you can’t handle the fight any longer remember the Solder, Sailor, Airman, and Marine is out there suffering much more and he or she will need this country to come home to.
Some useful points:
Nazis are considered by some to have been conservatives but the other name for them was National Socialist Party. They took the guns away. They were anti religion. They thought people that didn’t think like themselves were a lower form of life. Sounds like a left wing liberal to me.
Almost everywhere that guns are highly restricted has more crime than almost everywhere they are not.
Global warming is not settled science, science doesn’t work that way. Al Gore is getting rich off it.
The Republican Party was formed to fight slavery.
I had a toilet that didn’t flush worth a S@#$ for 12 years because the government knows better.
Private schools do a better job because they don’t have to put up with meddling idiots and if they didn’t do better they would go out of business.

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Laws that shouldn’t be, should be modified, or maybe would be a good idea.

1.There is a federal law making illegal to lie to any federal government official. One individual actually got taken to court on that law for refusing to answer, he didn’t even lie. This needs to go or make it illegal for them to lie to us.
2.Campaign finance reform. This should be called the incumbent protection act. It illegally restricts free speech. If you want true reform then allow free speech but restrict where candidates can get money and how much. Article 1: Only registered voters can donate and only to candidates they can vote for. Article 2: You are not allowed to spend your own money. Article 3: Voters can only give $250 per candidate per election. All of this would make campaign season much shorter, remove all donations from companies, unions, and the rich while providing no avenue for kick backs or special favors. It would also be much easier to investigate illegal donations.
3.All new regulations should apply to all government employees, including congress for a period of 2 years before it would apply to the public. That would provide time and feedback incase it doesn’t work as ‘advertised’. It will be illegal for Congress to exempt themselves from any law.
4.All facts and good science must be presented before any bill or regulation can be passed, and all this must be made available to the Congress and the public via the internet for a period not less than 4 weeks prior to voting or enacting it. No last minute changes are allowed. Changes reset the clock.
5.Taxes should be uniform, adjusted only for cost of living. I prefer the income tax as the primary source because it’s in your face. A value added tax is hidden. Use and sales taxes should only be used to put some limit on consumption. Property taxes can take the farm or business and actually encourages subdivision. In addition, if you own a vacation house in another state they tax you but you have no representation, that’s in direct violation of the Constitution. Taxes should be controlled by the federal government but collected by the town. The town takes it’s agreed upon cut and passes the rest to the state. The state repeats the process and passes the remainder to the Federal government. No money should be passed back except in a dire emergency. This would significantly reduce you total tax burden by eliminating unfunded mandates and the incredible amount of bureaucrats involved in maintaining the present system.
6.Severely reduce the number of commissions, cabinets, and agencies. Most of them shouldn’t exist under the Constitution anyway. Many of them are allowed to enact regulations that have the power of law even though only Congress is supposed to be able to do that. Democrats love ‘big’ government because it gives them big control, but it is the antithesis of democracy. The bureaucracy becomes this nebulous cloud of untouchable, faceless, uncaring, and unidentifiable clowns whose soul purpose is to collect a paycheck. The federal government should only regulate those thing the explicitly cross state lines. Unfortunately this includes the EPA but remember item 4 above.
7.Bills should include all projected costs of operation. This includes costs to individuals and businesses.
8.Congress should be required to review all laws within 2 years of passage. The laws must be doing what it was intended to do and nothing else. It should also be costing within 10% of the amount projected when it was passed. If not it must be re-passed. Failure to do all of these things automatically voids the law along with any criminal or civil penalties. In addition they should be required to get rid of already existing laws that did not have the desired effect. Remember, it was Congress that passed the law that eliminated company provided healthcare, helped cause Enron to crash, and was a significant cause of the present problems.
9.All votes, all bills, and all amendment should have the names of all involved attached. That record must be made available prior to an election.

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I'm not going to claim credit for writing this.......
The Obama Administration is the “gift that just keeps on giving.” National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair, speaking about those prisoners at Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) who are likely to be released in the United States under new policies adopted by Obama, pointed out that the prisoners would have to get some sort of welfare to help them start their new lives in the good old US of A. Director Blair apparently thought about this quite a lot and concluded, “We can’t put them out on the street.”

It must be very hard for our enemies to fully understand American liberals. Try to put yourself in their shoes for a moment:

First, you are captured on the battlefield where you are trying to kill U.S. soldiers. Then you are imprisoned at GITMO and immediately provided expert medical attention and better nutrition than ever before. Soon lawyers from some of Washington’s most prestigious law firms offer to represent you free of charge.

Then a president is elected who went to a “church” for 20 years whose pastor loved to shout “God Damn America” from the pulpit. Finally, you are told that the president intends to release you inside the country you dream will be destroyed some day, and the Director of National Intelligence wants you to be paid a stipend by those dreadful infidel taxpayers so that you can adjust to your new life. And just last week, that same president was floating the idea of taking away some health benefits from the soldiers who captured you!

While I ponder the meaning of all this tonight, I think about Arlington National Cemetery for a reality check.